Friday, April 4, 2008

Donate Trash So That The Queen Of Trash Can Make Her Music Video Debut

Source: Mr Lobo

Queen Of Trash Music Video Fundraiser

From 12pm-6pm on April 5th R5 Records ( 2500 16th St. Sacramento ) will become the Queen of Trash Music Video fundraising headquarters. Come down and donate your aluminum cans to Apprehensive Films and help raise the $2,500.00 needed to make the Queen of Trash Music Video. We’re financing the Queen of Trash Music Video with trash!

Not only is Apprehensive Films collecting aluminum cans in the parking lot of R5, but you’ll be able to buy official Apprehensive Films and Cinema Insomnia merchandise. $5.00 of every AF and CI DVD sold goes toward the Queen of Trash Music Video. Inside R5 you’ll be able to catch live music from a different band every hour. The line up includes “The Touchy Feelies” (the girl punk explosion that wrote the Queen of Trash theme song for the video), “Final Summation,” “The Lemmies,” “Puke & Spit,” and “The Jeffrey Valtentine Extravaganza” (featuring Jeffrey Valentine from “The Helper Monkeys.”)

The Queen of Trash Music Video is being Written and Directed by Jonathan Morken (owner of Apprehensive Films), featuring the musical styling of The Touchy Feelies and starring the international Comic Book Icon and Pin-up Girl, The Queen of Trash (Sara Dunn.) The video is going to be shot on 16mm film and in Sacramento .

For more Info Visit:

R5 Records -
Apprehensive Films -
Queen of Trash - www.Queen-of-Trash.Com
Touchy Feelies -

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