Friday, March 27, 2009

The Creature From The Black Lagoon Musical

Written By: Ken Hulsey

Okay, I honestly let this one slip past me somehow. I just heard about this, so forgive me if this is old news to you, but it is new to me.

The folks over at Universal Studios are putting on a live stage show based on the 1954 monster classic, "Creature From The Black Lagoon." If that sounds like a bad idea, just wait, it's a, I'm not kidding.

The "Broadway-like" production is reportedly going feature lively musical numbers, comedy and a romantic story.

I don't know whether laugh, cry or throw up? Maybe all three would be appropriate.

Wait.......were all of you hiding this from me? Were you trying to protect me? You had to know that I would find out eventually......


Anyway, yes this one got past me. As I understand it, this was officially announced last June.

Here is the official propaganda on the "Creature From The Black Lagoon Musical":

Drawn from Universal’s crypt of classic monsters and updated with spectacular Broadway production values and special effects, “Creature from the Black Lagoon—The Musical,” will rise, live, on stage at Universal Studios Hollywood beginning spring, 2009.

With state-of-the-art stagecraft, acrobatic choreography and hilarious, toe-tapping music, the Creature will be brought to life in a story based on the original screenplay, updated to emphasize the element of romance and just a bit of comic relief. Original new music and dazzling production numbers will keep the attraction contemporary and lively.

Audiences will be immersed in the ominous environment of the deepest Amazon, enveloped by the exotic sounds and scents of the jungle. And from the production’s first moments, they’ll be thrust into an unexpectedly outrageous, strangely romantic, frequently melodic and often hilarious adventure as a monster classic is re-imagined for the 21st Century.

“Creature from the Black Lagoon—The Musical,” will be staged as an attraction within the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. Admission will be included in the price of theme park tickets and annual passes.

You know I am going to see this. I love "Creature From The Black Lagoon" too much not to be curious.

I will also be buying up the merchandise to add to my collection.

Ben Chapman is probably rolling over in his his soul.

Damn it!

This Is Not A Joke!......It's not April Fools Day yet........

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  1. perhaps it will get stalled in production like that promised musical version of 1984 (called "Rats") that the National Lampoon had promised us back in the 70's. I was so looking forward to the overalls-fad too.

  2. Too Bad G!

    No, I am affraid that this one is a done deal. It's set to open later this spring.

    Maybe they will bring out some more of their classic monsters, like Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Invisible Man, and The Phantom of the Opera to join the Creature for a chorus line at the end......ha.....ha....uh.

    I work in a lab.....there must be some cyanide around here someplace?

  3. As someone who's always loved "The Creature From The Black Lagoon" more than the rest of Universal's classic stockade of monsters all I can say is


  4. The logic tree will state that ...

    all these comments come from eveyrone on a site called Monster island....ummmmm....ok...i will let that one go....haha..

    BUT do not be so quick to bash a company trying to at least provide SOME entertainment in this day and age when people need escape , good or bad. the most.

    AND which after all anything negative is ONLY ONE persons opinion one way or another....whether you like it or not somebody is bound to agree or disagree....

    12 million dollars says its going to be better then fear factor was...spiderman rocks was...or better then the old and tired beettle juice show in Orlando TRUE? with flying , special effects, a real life enviroment and the fact it will NOT take itself so seriously , being its in the vain of Rocky Horror camp ...with rock and roll music...laced with the 50s feel ....

    it could not be as bad as one would think...could it???