Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spotlight On Sandra Otterson - Ultimate Geek Girl Diva

Written By: Ken Hulsey

Sandra Otterson, or as she is better know as "Wifey", started doing erotic modeling way back in 1997 when her husband began posting naughty photos of her on Internet newsgroups.

Surprised by the responses the couple launched their own website in 1998 called "Wifey's World". The site, as you can imagine, features both sexy pictures of Sandra and other explicit sexual content.

What should be of note to MIN readers is the fact that Sandra often times poses alongside items from the sci fi and horror genres, like a life-sized Robby The Robot from "Forbidden Planet" or a model of the space ship from "Lost In Space."

For this Sandra is obviously a sci fi and monster movie lovers fantasy come true, and a perfect example of a "Geek-Girl Diva".


  1. It is amazing how some women retain their beauty.
    No difference here with Wifey. She is as beautiful as ever. I knew her since 1990.
    Beautiful inside as well. I always thought
    she was the most beautiful woman I've eve seen.

  2. She is a beautiful woman and also looks like the good looking woman next door. She is sexy, very sexy, without looking like a slut.

    I wish I knew her.


  3. What is amazing is how much she loves to swallow her husband's cum. Almost every upload she swallows a big load happily. She licks it off of tables, drinks it out of glasses and even sucked it out of a condom.