Future Star Profile: Harumi Nemoto

Harumi Nemoto is one of the foremost "sexy idols". A member of the honorable Yellow Cab talent agency, she wrote a letter to the president of the agency asking to be made a star. He was impressed with her body and gave her a contract.

Harumi Nemoto has become an online and video sensation since she began to get more modeling work in 2003. She became a fanboy favorite due to her large breat size for a Japanese woman. Harumi once commented in an interview for the online english language Japanese newspaper "Japan Times", that her large breast size was a bit of a mystery to her, due to the fact that almost all the women in her family were flat chested. Regardless of whether it runs in her gene pool or not Harumi Nemoto has used her ample size to slingshot her career as a model, video star, and limitedly as an actress. So far Harumi has not enjoyed the amount of on screen success that has been awarded to fellow busty model Erika Sato.

Is Harumi Nemoto ready for her big screen debut?. It shouldn't be long before she is. The sexy Japanese model is presently part of the singing group "Angel-Eye" and has starred in the Japanese tv series "Sui 10! One-Night R&R". This TV exposure should help her make the jump from pop idol to screen star. Let's hope so.

Harumi Nemoto
Birthday: July 28, 1980
Birth location: Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Measurements: B103(I) W60 H88 (40½full bust × 23½ × 34½")
Height: 166cm (5'5½")
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Natural Bust: Yes
Orientation: Heterosexual
Ethnicity: Japanese

Harumi Nemoto - Credits:
TV -"Sui 10! One-Night R&R" (2004) TV Series
Video - Harumi Nemoto - Idol One: HaruMIX (Japan Version)
Harumi Nemoto - Idol One: SHOCK! (Japan Version)
Idol One - Harmi Nemoto - Special DVD-BOX (Japan Version)
Idol One: OASIS - Harumi Nemoto (Japan Version)


  1. WOW! Harumi Nemoto has hardly been seen since 2004; not exactly an 'upcoming star'. While I admit to liking her more than Eriko Sato, Harumi's television appearances are nil with the exception of 1 last year, 2 in 2006, 2 in 2005, and 1 in 2004. Thus, to the Japanese, she is old news and if anyone remembers her name, it's a miracle. According to her official Yellow Cab profile she hasn't released a photo book since 2004. =P Though she apparently has released DVDs. Unfortunately, no photo books in Japan = no longer in the spotlight. I think you guys need to check your information a little more thoroughly before posting. =P

  2. Maybe we haven't done our homework, but it looks like you have Mr. DNA.

    This article was posted, originally, back at kensforce.com way back in 2004. Since then it has been the most visited page on that website. Due to that high level of interest, I decided to go ahead and repost the article and some of the photos here at Robo Japan. Quess what? It has become the most visited article here as well.

    True, the busty miss Nemoto may have let her career slide, but there deffinatly still is an interest in her on both sides of the Pacific. I could show you the numbers of hits we get on a daily basis as proof of that.

    Maybe the interest that articles like this one create will someday encourage Harumi Nemoto to jumpstart her career, or cause movie and TV studios in Japan to give her a second look. Only time will tell. It is certain that she still has a very large fan base out there worldwide.

    Thanks for the updated info. I think we need to called out when we don't have all the info.

  3. 2004? Well then, that would make sense.

    More power to the article then and to Miss Nemoto as well! As I said, I'm a fan. Always was. I think it unlikely her career will ever restart (until after she's 40 anyway). That's the way of things here in Japan: quick to chuck things aside and forget them (too bad America won't do that with bad habits like Spears and Hilton). It's rare to see a comeback kid (so to speak), but hey, I wouldn't say it CAN'T be done. All in all though, I do like your enthusiasm and your honesty. You could have just easily trashed my comments as snotty and not posted them at all. Like the site, it has some panache to it.

    As for my homework, I worked for well-known company that still currently sells Japanese pop culture goods to overseas customers for 3 years and anime, manga, gravure idols, porn (yes porn), and toys were my life for a while. I'm not with that company any more (thank god, rotten boss), but I have been in Japan for a decade now, and I enjoy following the scene. If there is any information you need, or would like checked on (for instance, I got all my info on Nemoto from her Yellow Cab page the few minutes prior to posting here), I can do my best to see what I can find.

    All my best to your new site.

  4. She looks great but when she aint watching her weight she is a porker. Look at her slimming commercial

  5. "when she ain't watching her weight she's a porker"

    you know, i never have understood comments like these; made as if Harumi Nemoto stuffs her face on her days off or something. it's the sick reasoning behind the ill-looking waifs who 'grace' the fashion runways these days, and who provide the anorexic role-model for young girls. Harumi Nemoto is far from porker. i would take her P.L.U.M.P. any day.

    any if we are talking about fat, how bout the fat asses on baseball players. jeez, talk about excess. or, may she rest in peace, anna nicole smith... Mr. Anon Y. Mous, I got news for you, without the weight ANS would have never had the breast or hip size she sported.

  6. It certainly is a mistake to call a woman a "porker" just because she has put on a few pounds.

    I personally believe that a woman can be lovely at any size. Some women look good skinny, some look good plump. It all depends on the woman and how she carries herself.

    I too think that Anna Nichole was a hottie. She even looked good when she gained weight.

    It would only figure the a busty woman like Harumi Nemoto may "grow into her boobs." I know that sounds wrong.

    Lets face facts, if either Harumi or Anna showed up at your door, at any weight, you would never turn her away.

  7. Harumi's got a great bod and a nice smile. She's also someone to can take a practical joke

  8. I'd have to agree with earlier comments that she looks thicker than in older photos. She may, as mentioned, "grow" into her boobs. But that would not necessarily be a bad development. Her tits and butt would have some more meat, and her middle would be slightly doughy. More cushion for the pushing. The only question remains: how heavy until you would not let her ride on top?


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