Godzilla Biollante Plush

Price: $34.99 - Order Now From Entertainment Earth

Have You Hugged Your Japanese Monster Today?

If not, you should consider bringing home the Godzilla Biollante Plush.Measuring about 10-inches across, this beastly green organism originally fought Godzilla in 1989's Godzilla vs. Biollante and attacked Japan with her numerous vines. A genetic mutation, this is a creature that surely needs your love. Give her a home and a hug today!

Beware the evil head of science! Biollante is the first of a new breed of Godzilla foe spawned by biotechnology. This monster was created by mixing the DNA of a human, a rose, and Godzilla himself. Biollante, a gigantic tendriled plant, remains unique in the Godzilla series; the big guy's other opponents are machines or were derived from animal origins. This cute but freakish Plush measures about 10-inches across with his mighty limbs poised to crush any large reptiles with the nerve to cross his path!


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