Monster (2008)

Two American sisters; Sarah and Erin, are preparing for a trip to Japan to make a documentary on climate change. They fly to Japan to interview the Minster of the Environment, who assures the two women that, despite global climate problems, progress is being made and the public shouldn't worry about any "catastrophes." On cue, a large earthquake strikes. Through Sarah's camera, we see, in the distance, a large SOMETHING emerging from beneath the ground.

Sarah and Erin are rushed into the basement shelter by the building's security. In the confusion and panic, they escape the shelter and run into the street where they witness the attack of a massive creature that emerges from underground. The girls decide to try to get to the US Embassy to plan their escape.

They outrun flying chunks of debris and hide among the ruins of a demolished building. The creature passes by and they see it clearly for the first time: It is over 200-feet long and covered with enormous tentacles.

The girls meet a small group of survivors hiding in the rubble. Speaking broken English, the survivors reveal that the US Embassy has been destroyed.

Sarah convinces Erin they need to find somewhere else to hide, but the other survivors are too afraid to move. Alone, the girls run into the street. They observe the death and destruction surrounding them. Most of Tokyo has been destroyed. As they walk through the rubble, fighter jets fly past and fire on the creature. The battle between the creature and the jets is seen in quick glimpses through the video camera. There is an explosion and the girls are separated in the confusion. During the melee the video camera is turned off.

It is revealed that the tapes were found in the wreckage and that the fate of the sisters is unknown.

A newscast reports a massive earthquake in Tokyo, which has killed thousands. There is no mention of a creature at all.

On January 15, 2008 the truth will finally be told.

After a massive earthquake in Tokyo, two American filmmakers document their experience as they attempt to escape from the decimated city.

For the first time, this film will present the heroic sisters’ raw footage, which finally reveals the true cause of the destruction.

Was the original footage lost… or was it suppressed?

Watch the trailer for an advance look at this amazing visual document.

Then you decide.

Monster (2008)
Aka: Tokyo
The Global Asylum

Director:Eric Forsberg
Writers:Erik Estenberg & David Michael Latt

Sarah Lieving
Erin Sullivan


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  1. I am really surprised a the amount of attention this film has gotten over the past few weeks.

    I have been reading a lot of posts on message boards recently, and I was surprised to discover that there is a large group of fans that actually prefer this film to J.J. Abrams "Cloverfield." Is it possible that this "knock-off" is actually a better film than the original?

    Personally, I thought "Cloverfield" was an incredible film. I mean i could honestly go on and on about how impressed I was.

    Is Monster really the better of the two?

    Please feel free to post a comment so that others may be swayed to give this film a look.

  2. I've seen both films and I agree that "Cloverfield"[2008] was just amazing!!I've heard some fans call it the best giant monster movie ever!? I can't agree with that,not having seen the original "Godzilla"[1954],but it was great.I've also seen a lot of negative reviews/feedback on "Monster"[2008],but I very much enjoyed it!Both films gave you the feeling that you were really in the middle of it all as "it all went down".

  3. Just finished watching monster and it wasn't completely disastrous but Cloverfield is far superior. The disappointing factor with both is that you hardly see much of either monster.
    Monster is a lot weaker with a much lower budget and the two leads constantly clarifying that they are American is beyond annoying but the movie is still watchable.

  4. I just watched this movie. I was impressed. You could really feel like you were there with them. Cloverfield was better but this is a great attempt. Watch either of them, you wont be disapointed.

  5. This may have been an flim but how do you know that this is not fake? How do you know that these girls could have actually died? But of course you Dimwits don't realize that Cloverfleid is just a movie and the people who played in it are still alive? What if those girls in the movie actually died. You guys are just so concieted, SO concieted!


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