GD-98 Mecha Godzilla 1975

Those wily ape-faced aliens, the Simeons, were the ones who built MechaGodzilla to conquer the world. Originally the monster robot was disguised by a fleshy outer layer to be a straight Godzilla doppelganger. But the real Godzilla showed up, put his atomic breath to work, and exposed the high-silver metal plates beneath the disguise. At that point, the Simeons just went on ahead and unveiled their lethal creation. MechaGodzilla, 44,000 tons of single-minded metal fun. He carried a whole arsenal of weapons and defenses. He had ray beam capability, localized to his eyes and chest. He carried missile launchers in his fingers and toes. He had jet-flying capability, and the ability to maintain force fields. Godzilla had a time with MechaGodzilla, and in the end, he teamed up with kooky Chihuahua-like King Caesar to get the job done. Just to consecrate the whole process, Interpol agents (unfortunately a long while before Chun Liâs time) busted in on a smoke-filled Simeon sedition-session and wiped out MechaGodzillaâs long-range control box. Later, MechaGodzilla was repaired and teamed up with Titanosaurus. MechaGodzilla appeared in three movies before he was resurrected and upgraded later in 1993.

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