Girls Girls Girls! Celebrate Spring Break With The Trash Film Orgy

From Christy Savage (TFO)

TRASH FILM ORGY SPRING BREAK!One Night Only! Saturday, April 5th!

SEE why the Trash Film Orgy is Northern California ’s Most Infamous Midnight Movie Festival!

Now in its 8th year, TFO once again brings you the finest in Exploitation Cinema and Unbelievable Audience Participation!

Return to the Trash Academy for SPRING BREAK, TFO Style-where the fun never stops and the Student Body is always ready to Party!

SEE! The Trashiest Cheerleader Movie Ever!Presented in 35mm on the Big Crest Screen!
REVENGE OF THE CHEERLEADERS (1976)Go for a wild ride with the Naughty Cheerleaders of Aloha High in this racy softcore sex comedy as they get high, get it on and get funky! Featuring David Hasselhoff in his first big-screen role as loveable high school hunk Boner! And to celebrate, TFO will be presenting the film, for the first time ever in BONER-VISION, the ultimate interactive audience experience!

ALSO!Be the first to see the World Premiere of CHEERLEADERS FROM HELL- the exciting and terrifying new short film from Trash Film Orgy Productions!You won’t believe your eyes!

But Wait! There’s More!As always, TFO is much, much more than just a movie show…

Show your School Spirit!Pledge the Trash Academy ’s Coed Fraternity Beta Theta Theta Beta! Are you trashy enough to survive hazing? Can you pass Initiation and win a Trash Frat-Pack?! The Frat-Pack contains your very own Special Boner-Vision Oral Participation Device, so you won’t miss out on any of the awesome action!

AND…If that’s not already enough titillating jigglosity to blow your mind, TFO will be presenting its very first WET T-SHIRT Contest! That's Right! Ladies! Wear your best white tee and sign up to win big, big prizes!

The Trash Film Orgy is adult fun for Trash Fans 18 and Over ONLY.The Retro-Trash Lounge will also be open for Trash Fans 21 and Over who want to enhance their TFO Experience with The Booze.

It all happens SATURDAY APRIL 5th at the Historic and Haunted CREST THEATRE, located in Downtown Sacramento at 1013 K Street .

Doors Open at 11pm for the Trash Academy Pledge Party and the Sexy Sinema Show Starts at MIDNIGHT -the Witching Hour!

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