Zemeckis & Dougherty Planning Giant Robot Flick For The Mouse Factory

Sources: Ain't It Cool News / Dread Central.com / Variety / Avery Guerra

Robert Zemeckis' production team is busy these days working on a new animated giant robot feature for Disney entitled "Calling All Robots." Michael Dougherty (X2, SUPERMAN RETURNS) is presently working on the script alongside Breehn Burns and Simeon Wilkins.

The film will reportedly feature the same kind of motion capture animation that was used in "The Polar Express" and "Beowulf".

Now, I understand that a animated robot flick from Disney may not be the kind of thing that makes us Japanese monster nuts very excited. However, this quote from Dougherty, that was published in today's Variety may change your mind about this project:

"Robots will tell a story that's a throwback to old Godzilla movies…I grew up watching Godzilla movies. This film is very much rooted in those movies."

Ah....so there is hope.

Let me tell you one thing that i have learned from being a monster movie writer for the past eight years. Just about everyone out there is a Godzilla fan, even if they don't admit to it in public.


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