Mr Lobo To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award At The B Movie Celebration

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Haven't you just been waiting for an excuse to go to Franklin, Indiana and watch some truly awesome movies? Of course you have. Actually, it turns out there's a great reason to go to this college town south of Indianapolis in August. It's the Second Annual B-movie celebration, with films so bad they belong in the so-bad-they're good category, like The Terror of Tiny Town and Plan Nine from Outer Space.

When, Who and What

September 26thth thru 28th, The Indy Film Co-op will be hosting The B Movie Celebration. During the Celebration they will screen Fifty B Classics, have a tribute to Roger Corman Protege Jim Wynorski, featuring a retrospective of the films of this prolific B Director. Stuart Grodon, Director of Re-Animator will be receing a Lifetime Achievement Award The Indy Film Co-op, the hosts of the festival, will also screen ten soon to be classic B films from current B filmmakers.

There will be over 20 educational seminars a. The Celebration will start with a bang with a B Movie Gala to be held at The Johnson County Museum of History.In attendance will be B movie legends like Will The Thrill Viharo, Special Effects Wizard Tom Savini, Cult Director Jim Wynorski, and Host of Cinema Insomnia Mr. Lobo. The Always Lovely Queen of Trash, Atuart Gordon will receive a lifetime achievement award. Also appearing will be original Plan Nine from Outer Space cast member Conrad Brooks. The Master of Ceremonies for the entire event will be Brownsburg’s own Steve “Papaw” Pyatte.This years Celebration will also feature a live concer/beach party with the world's greatest horror/surf band The Moon-RaysB movie Fans…Indiana wants you!

Stuart Gordon

About Stuart Gordon -He joined with Charles Band and his Empire Pictures to make the company's first big hit, Re-Animator (1985), a modern-day version of the H.P. Lovecraft story with Jeffrey Combs in the lead role. Gordon stayed with Empire and helmed another Lovecraft film, From Beyond (1986), and tackled the murderous Dolls (1987) the same year. He directed Robot Jox (1990), but it was a disappointment and Empire Pictures folded after the release of that film. Gordon found work writing the script and creating the story for Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989), a major hit of 1991. He then returned with Band and his new company Full Moon Pictures for the remake and more graphic version of The Pit and the Pendulum (1991) (V) the same year. Other works of his include Fortress (1993), a major hit of 1994, and the screenplay for The Dentist (1996).In 2001, Gordon returned to the H.P Lovecraft territory with Dagon (2001), and in 2003 directed King of the Ants (2003/I), a comic thriller about a painter-turned-hit man, and the David Mamet Edmond (2005).

Jim Wynorski

About Jim Wynorski - A 25 year veteran in the Hollywood exploitation field, writer/producer/Director JIM WYNORSKI is responsible for over 150 varied motion pictures in a myriad of Genres. Wynorski trained at the feet of renowned B movie mogul Roger Corman Throughout the 1980s came a steady stream of Classic B titles like BIG BAD MAMA 2 with Angie Dickenson, NOT OF THIS EARTH with Traci Lords and RETURN OF SWAMP THING with Heather Locklear. On into the '90s, Wynorski continued to climb to the top of the B-Film mountain with flicks like HARD BOUNTY starring Kelly LeBrock, BODY CHEMISTRY 3 & 4 with Shannon Tweed and Morgan Fairchild and MUNCHIE. Jim Wynorski has kept fresh by innovating new special effects techniques that landed the director no less than seven world premieres on the Sci-Fi Channel. His credits there include films like GARGOYLES, CURSE OF THE KOMODO, PROJECT VIPER and CRY OF THE WINGED SERPENT.

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