Is Edgar Wright Planning A Gorgo Remake?

Sources: Avery Gurra / Le Monde Des Kaijus Le Forum

Written By: Ken Hulsey

In a recent interview on FSX Radio London, film maker Edgar Wright announced that he was planning to do a remake of the 1961 giant monster movie, "Gorgo." Early last month it was announced that Wright, along with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Shuan of the Dead & Hot Fuzz), were starting production on an homage to sci fi alien invasion films entitled "The World's End." Along with that news came a quote from Pegg mentioning giant lizards. That quote was later revealed to be false, however, it may be possible that what he actually said may have been taken out of context. It may indeed be that Pegg was referring to Wright's, "Gorgo" project, not "The World's End." One can only speculate on that one.

According to a post on the French kaiju message board, "Le Monde Des Kaijus Le Forum", Wright intends to use a man in rubber suite to portray Gorgo. The post also mentions that Wright would begin working on the re-make after both “Antman” (2008) and “Scott Pilgrim' S Little Precious Life” (2009), which means that "Gorgo" may not be released until 2010.

The international success of the Japanese monster epic Godzilla (Gojira) would inspire many clones across the globe, Gorgo would end up to be one of the better ones. The film makers would take the standard theme of a monster being taken from it's natural habitat and being brought to civilization and add a twist. Just like in the classic King Kong, greedy circus owners parade the monster in front of the masses to the sounds of cash register rings. The only thing they don't realize is that their monster is not an adult of the species. The toddlers mother is much larger and on the war path.

As in almost every film of this type the mother Gorgo reaches London and manages to locate every important landmark in the city and reduce it to a pile of ruble. Weapons are no match for the creature, so her destruction goes on until her infant is located. Once she has what she wants, the carnage stops and the two return to the sea, with mankind hopefully learning it's lesson.

Gorgo would be the inspiration for both, "Gappa" (Monster From A Prehistoric Planet) and the sub-plot for Steven Spielberg's, "The Lost World."

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  1. A Gorgo remake or sequel would be very interesting in my opinion but except this radio "annoucement" (few word about future project) I found nothing about it ...

    So I think it's better to take this information carefully .