B Movie Celebration Scores World Premiere Of Cleavagefield

Sources: Avery Guerra / Bill Dever

Cloverfield remains one the most talked about films of 2008. Some loved it. Others hated it. Others just tolerated it. Now enjoy Cloverfield interpreted by the unique vision of Jim Wynorski.

Jim Wynorski has spent the bulk of his 25-year b-moviemaking career giving us all manner of horror movies, monster movies, action films, kiddy flicks, and saucy thrillers, everything from Chopping Mall to Return of Swamp Thing to Deathstalker II to Munchie to Point of Seduction: Body Chemistry III and then on. He also really brings fun to film More specifically, he really loves tongue-in-cheek parodies, check out his film Loopers currently streaming on Youtube. . .. Now comes Cleavagefield.

Jim is a B Movie Celebration alumnist and the curator of this years B Movie Celebration
Fallbrook Entertainment, in conjunction with Jim Wynorski gifts us Cleavagefield, a satircal spoof of Cloverfield starring a gaggle of starlets and one really big monster.
Check it out,You won't want to miss this

Cleavagefield screens at The Secret Theatre, September 26th at 11:55 PM

For more information please go to www.bmoviecelebration.com

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