Three New Teaser Posters For The Wolfman

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: / Avery Guerra

The past weekend posted three brand new teaser posters for the upcoming remake of "The Wolfman" starring Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins. Unless you have been living under a rock, or have no knowledge of Universal Studio's line of classic horror films, then you should already know all about this remake of the 1941 film that starred Lon Chaney, Jr and Claude Rains. If you have heard or seen anything about this film, then you should also be counting down the days until this one hits the screen in anxious anticipation, because all indications point to this being a very well executed remake of the beloved original in the purest sense.In fact all the clips that have surfaced so far would lead any film buff to believe that directer Joe Johnston may very well have captured the true feel of the classic horror films produced in the 1930s' and 40s'. Next April we may indeed be watching a brand new classic in American cinema. Only time will tell.

Synopsis: (Warning Spoilers)

Following a bloody flashback, "The Wolfman" begins in London circa 1888, where the 30-something thespian Lawrence Talbot is chewing the gas-lit scenery as Shakespeare’s Great Dane "Hamlet", doing the famous “To Be Or Not To Be“ speech.

Backstage after the play, Lawrence is smitten by the lovely Gwen Coliffe, his brother Benjamin’s fiance. Lawrence hasn’t seen Benjamin in many years, and Gwen reports that he has mysteriously disappeared.

Gwen has come from his family estate and she implores Lawrence to come home to his father. It’s been twenty years since he left for "The Big Smoke" (that’s what they used to call London), and there’s bad blood between them, probably stemming from his mother committing suicide.

Lawrence, after serious consideration, goes home through Blackmoor Village, passing dark misty moors, ancient stone monoliths and further on, a gypsy encampment of tents, and wagons.

Lawrence arrives home to the once great, now decrepit "Talbot Hall" and has an awkward reunion with his father, the once great now decrepit Sir John Talbot.

Lawrence, Sir John and Gwen mount up and ride to Blackmoor Village, where Carmilla, a pregnant gypsy has been imprisoned for some time. Her crime? Apparently she had relations with someone other than her husband and he hauled her off to jail for it. The main suspect is the missing Benjamin Talbot, but she’s not talking.

Meanwhile the townsfolk decide they’re sick and tired of being attacked by a mysterious creature every full moon and decide to do something about it.

As time passes Gwen and Lawrence become closer.On one of their outings they have a weird run in with the gypsy, Maleva who warns them of a terrible curse that has fallen upon the Talbot family. Later that night in the Jailhouse, Carmella, the pregnant Gypsy, poisons herself. That very night, the Werewolf strikes again.

The next night during a hunting expeditions to kill the mysterious creature, Lawrence himself is attacked by the monster. His family sends him back to London to recuperate.

Unfortunately, he is shipped to a London Sanitarium where he’s put under observation. After all, he has some serious issues: His mother killed herself, is brother is missing, his father is nuts and now that he’s been bitten by a bitten by a “Werewolf”, he claims he’s going to turn into one himself.

Of course, he does turn into a raving Werewolf, escapes the sanitarium, and begins an assault on the city of London. The attacks became more and more bloody as time passes.

Lawrence seeks out Gwen after he finds some bloody clothing in his possession that doesn't belong to him. He informs her he must return home and end the "Lunar Legacy of Lycanthropy" that is a plague on Talbot Hall.

An epic battle between The Wolfman and the townspeople ensues back home and Gwen, following from a distance, sees the ending of the horrible curse.

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