Does Mars Have Wood?

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Discover Magazine

Remember a couple of weeks back when I wrote about a photo that seemed to show a human-like figure on Mars? Well, now the folks that pour over NASA photographs like ravenous dogs looking for signs of life have discovered something else. A piece of wood, or more correctly, something that looks like a piece of wood.

That's right, a log on Mars.

Well.....that's what people want to see. Most experts believe its nothing more than a large rock.

The photo was taken by the Mars Rover back in 2005, and was recently published by NASA. There has been no mention of the object in any public press releases, so obviously scientists thought nothing of the mysterious object in the photos.

In fact, if you look at the larger photo below, you will notice that the rover ran right over the object.

Due to NASA's lack of interest in the potential lumber it would be safe to say that it is probably just a rock, albeit a very interesting looking one.

Or is this another cover-up? ROSWELL!! ROSWELL!

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