The First Lady Of Trek Passes - Majel Barrett-Roddenberry 1932-2008

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: WENN

It is my sad duty to report that the "First Lady" of "Star Trek", Majel Barrett-Roddenberry (Majel Leigh Hudec) lost her battle with leukaemia at her Bel-Air, California home on Thursday afternoon. She was 76.

I had the privilege of meeting Majel back in November 0f 1996. She was appearing at the Creation's 10th anniversary of Star Trek The Next Generation show. When she appeared at that convention, she had just done a guest appearance on the television series "Babylon 5", something that had rubbed a lot of Trek fans the wrong way. I remember here saying, "There is always room for more good Sci Fi, it doesn't matter if you like "Babylon 5" or "Star Trek", both are excellent programs. I went on the show (Babylon 5) because I felt that it captured the true essence of what Gene (Roddenberry) had envisioned for "Star Trek."

I always admired her for that.

As usual Majel made made one of her unscheduled appearances on the convention floor, something she did at most sci fi shows. I got a chance to shake her hand and talk with her for a second. Honestly, I don't remeber what we talked about. I just remember that she was very gracious and kind. It was obvious that she loved the fans.

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry always worked hard to keep her late husband Gene Roddenberry's memory alive. She carried the "Star Trek" flame on long after the series creator had passed.

In essence Majel was more than just "Star Trek's" first-lady, in a sense she was the "First Lady of Sci Fi." Something that brought joy to her life until the very end.

We will miss you Mrs. Roddenberry. The galaxy will be empty in your absence.

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