There Is Some True Grind House Being Made In Minnesota

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Terror Overload Web Site

Have you ever wondered where the Devil parks his truck? Well it looks like some guys in Minnesota have found the spot.

Minnesota film makers Jason Stephenson, Kevin Myhre and Brant Johnson are presently doing their best to recapture the feel of 70s grind house cinema with the movie "Terror Overload: Tales From Satan's Truck Stop."

From the trailer, which I could never post here, the film is no-stop orgy of blood, boobs, blood and....well more boobs and sex.

The film revolves around a crazed truck driver, who picks up a sexy blond, and proceeds to spin three separate tales (Dinner Date, Lot Lizard and Mongo Chupa) while planning his own terror for his unsuspecting victim.

In "Diner Date" an unsuspecting young lady, played by Rachel Grubb, discovers too late that she has been invited to dine with a cannibal.

In "Lot Lizard" a truck driver picks up a couple of women for a night of S&M and torture.

"Mongo Chupa" looks like.....well.....a story of Redneck sex. That's scary enough on it's own.

Like I mentioned before, I can't post the trailer for "Terror Overload", so I decided to post a clip from one of NFTS Productions prior releases, "Your Next 3: Pajama Party Massacre".

From this clip you should be able to get a good feel for the kind of films NFTS is famous for.

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