A Close Encounter With Bigfoot - Highway 180 - Arizona

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  1. Hey Ken,

    I'm glad it was a slow news day, the story of your own encounter with Bigfoot sounded amazing!

    I'm always envious of eyewitness accounts like yours; people who KNOW that they CLEARLY saw a cryptid (as opposed to generally vague accounts of glimpsing "something" implausible) whether they have evidence to prove it or not.

    One thing you didn't mention was how long you estimated your encounter to have lasted. Your detailed recollection of the appearance of the animal and its' behavior make it sound like it was a good several minutes.

    It's unfortunate that your "ex" paniced just as the creature appeared to be curious enough to come closer to your car (and allowing for an even better look at it). But maybe it was for the best. I mean, look what happened recently with that apparently domesticated chimp that suddenly went wild and attacked that woman.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Dai

    I'm actually kinda surprised that it took this long for someone to respond to this post.

    On Monday it sat as the top story on the site for most of the morning.

    I half expected to get bombarded with a healthy mix of posts, some saying that they had seen the same type of thing, and others suggesting that I was either drunk, mental, or amped up on pills. Maybe all three?

    To get to your question, It's kinda hard to time the encounter now. It seemed like it took a long time, but it was probably just a couple of minutes. You know how in situations like this time seems to come to a halt, thats the best way to describe it.

    When you are confronted with the unkown, the experience gets burned into your memory. That's why i remember everything with such detail.

    I have always been upset that my camera was back in the trunk in my luggage. I could have gotten a really good shot of Bigfoot from my vantage point. It was kinda dark, but my headlights illuminated the animal to were I think it would have shown up excellently.

    I always make sure, now, to have my digital camera right next to me any time I go into the woods or into rural areas. Just in case lightning strikes twice for me.

    I have been reading a lot about recent sightings in Arizona.

    I have to say that I got a bit miffed at the Monster Quest message boards. On the site it says "post your sighting here", but when I tried to, it said that my content violated their policy?

    I also tried to get in touch with an Arizona Bigfoot organization to tell them my story, but their e-mail was no longer in service.

    I hope that other people that have had a Bigfoot sighting in Arizona will post here. I would love to hear their story.

  3. Hey Ken,

    Rest assured that I was amazed at your story the day you posted it, unfortunately I didn't get an opportunity then to leave a reply.

    Would it help now if I suggested that you were "mental"? I'm joking. :-)

    I don't blame you for getting miffed about being unable to post your sighting at "Monster Quest's" message board. I generally get miffed with the show itself after watching an episode.

    You might try e-mailing Loren Coleman or registering to his website, cryptomundo.com, to post your sighting. He occasionally appears on Monster Quest and his website is one of my semi-regular stops. I'm sure he'd be interested to learn about your sighting.

  4. I took your advise and tried to contact Loren Coleman via Cryptomundo. I submitted an e-mail to him through the site. When I hit submit, I got a blank page so I don't know if it went through or not?

  5. There's something seriously wrong with the "contact us" section of Cryptomundo. I've tried to contact them about ad rates and it hasn't gotten through to them. Or else they're not interested in selling ad space?

    Great story. I just finished a novel about a Sasquatch type encounter in the Northeast, which is technically a Wendigo encounter. Same thing. Different Indian name.

    Yeah, they're real. It's sad that primatologists aren't taking the thousands of modern reports seriously. When a body is finally brought to light it'll be the biggest zoological discovery of our lifetime. By then it might be too late to save their species.

  6. Strange that they don't get that fixed?

    I'm very interested reading your book!

    If you would like to send me a copy I would love to review it for the site. If you have a press release or something, I will post the info.

    I am also interested in selling the ad space.....if you are hunting for sites?

    Contact me through site.

    Someday science is going to get the proof that they need.

    There a hundreds of sightings each year, thousands of footprint casts, videos and photos. If you look at the evidence using statistics, there is just no way, mathmatically, that every single bit of evidence and every eye-witness repot could be a hoax or miss-identification.

    The proof is in the math.

    Good luck on the book!

  7. Awesome. I will definitely send you a book.


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