Fighter Jets Scramble To Intercept UFOs Over Arizona

Writen By: Ken Hulsey
Source: The Examiner
According to eyewitnesses, several Air Force fighter jets were scrambled this past Friday night to intercept a set of mysterious glowing lights over Buckeye, Arizona.

On Friday night, March 6th, several residents in Buckeye, Az reported seeing multiple sets of orange lights on the horizon. The lights, which were grouped in sets of 2, 3, and 4, reportedly moved south, over the town, between interstates 8 and 10, towards the open desert. The lights would periodically blink on and off in a repeated order.

The eyewitnesses noted that during their observation, several Air Force jets attempted to follow the lights, but as they came close to them, they blinked out, making location impossible. After circling for a short period of time, in an attempt to relocate the lights, the jets left the area.

Almost on cue, two minutes after the fighters had departed, the lights returned.
Reportedly two additional sets of lights appeared to the west of interstate 10. One set moved slowly towards the west in a straight line, while the other set moved in an up-and-down fashion.

In total the lights were observed for over and hour.

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