King Kong And Godzilla Invade The London Subway

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Islington Tribune / The Stage

London commuters got quite a surprise yesterday, when both King Kong and Godzilla invaded two subway stations during rush hour. The reason for the two internationally famous monsters to take their battle into the Underground was a publicity stunt to promote the stage play, "Men of Monsters."

Indeed the two monsters (both men in suites) caused quite a stir. At first, subway security didn't know how to handle the situation, until they learned the whole thing was all in fun, then they joined in the frivolity.

Station supervisor Jan Dukes said: “I was trying to control the crowds and here was this gorilla cavorting about with his friend Godzilla. When we heard it was all part of a play all the staff wanted to have their picture taken with them. It was great fun.”

"Men of Monsters" is the creation of director James Blakey and playwright Matt Borgatti. Their play centers around two events, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the filming of King Kong vs Godzilla in Hollywood. The action goes back and forth from the tense "real-life" drama of a world on the brink of destruction, to a movie set where 'over-the-top' cliche actors in rubber suites are making a B monster movie.

I don't want to be the one to tell them that "King Kong vs Godzilla" was filmed in Japan, not in Hollywood...

Anyway, the play is supposed to be a comedy that points out the dichotomy of how life would be going on as 'normal', while the two super-powers were about to snuff out life on Earth.

It is unknown if King Kong and Godzilla will be traveling by subway again any time soon.

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  1. Thanks for putting this up, I'd never have heard about it otherwise.

    The paly is great fun, and well worth seeing even if you're not a kaiju fan.

    I mean, I've heard there are people like that out there...