A Public Memorial To Bob Wilkins In Sacramento

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Mr. Lobo

This coming Sunday there will be a public memorial to the late Bob Wilkins in Sacramento.

According to Mr. Lobo (of the TV series Cinema Insomnia and a dear friend of Wilkins) the three-hour event will feature some rare 16mm films of the Bay Area television icon that reportedly will "blow fans away." The event will also feature several clips from Bob Wilkin's late night program, "Creature Features", along with a display of memorabilia that includes the infamous Captain Comics Costume.

Fans will also be able to sit, and have photos taken, in one of Bob's signature rocking chairs.

Mr. Lobo, Ernie Fosselius, Scott Moon, the Wilkins Family, close friends and fans will all get a special chance to share their memories of Bob Wilkins in a special 'open-mic' presentation. This is certain to be a very emotional moment that will honor a man who brought so much joy to so many people.

There will be refreshments, water and soda on hand, plus a special "Watch Horror Films" documentary will be on sale at the event.

When: Sunday March 29th
Time: 5PM to 8PM
Where: 17th & "I" St. Downtown Sacramento

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