A Different Kind Of 4th Of July Fireworks - Killer Biker Chicks

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Photo Sources: Scarlet Salem / Elske McCain

In the history of grind house films one name stands out above the rest when it comes to sexploitation films,that name is Russ Meyer. The infamous director had a flair for camp, violence and most of all big breasted women. Oh yes, he loved boobs.....a lot.....I mean one hell of a lot. His cult classics such as, "Mondo Topless", "Valley of the Ultra-Vixens", "Wild Gals of the Naked West", and most notably, "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!", were filled with a plethora of well endowed females. Films that filled underground cinemas with eager male patrons and solidified the director a cult film icon.

Well that was back in the 60s and 70s. Today underground films are making a comeback in a big way and many modern directors are emulating the film makers of decades past. Such is the case with Regan Redding and his latest film "Killer Biker Chicks." One look at the films trailer conjurs up images made famous by the legendary Meyer. Hot girls in Daisey-Dukes, violence....and, of course, plenty of cleavage.

The formula is simple, gather up as many sexy women as you can find and put them in your movie. Well Redding has gathered up some of the hottest young ladies in independent horror today, including Scarlet Salem, Brenna Roth, Sara Plotkin and Elske McCain.

Now that you have the hotties, all you have to do is have them go on a murderous rampage, using their feminine wiles to lure in unsuspecting male victims.

Hey, it worked for Meyer in "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!", so odds are it will work for Redding in "Killer Biker Chicks." What goes around comes around.

I doubt the men in the audience will mind too much.

Look for a July 4th release for "Killer Biker Chicks."

Here are some behind the scenes photos:


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