A Crazed Scarlet Salem - Lizzy Borden Has Nothing On You

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Scarlet Salem
Photo Credit(s): H Morgen

For some time now I have been documenting the great artistic collaboration between photographer H Morgen and model Scarlet Salem. The two have combined for some of the best photographic work that I have seen in some time. It is very apparent for the quality of work that they have produced together that they are indeed on the same page creatively. Each of them bring out the best in each other, as these new photos will attest.

It seems that photographers these days like to take their models to extremes, as is the case with these photos and recent shots taken of model Rachel Grubb. Some photos show a very soft side of the lovely young woman, and others show a totally crazed side creating a very interesting dichotomy.

Certainly horror fans will fixate on the photos of Scarlet brandishing an ax a la Lizzy Borden suffering from PMS. I really want to bring attention to the third photo in this series (that would be the second one below), in it Scarlet has the look of pure insanity on her face. Somehow she was able to channel some inner demon or something else equally as horrific to be able to produce that look.

A truly amazing image!

Fans of Scarlet Salem will be able to meet her in person at the Horror Realm Convention in Pittsburgh, Pa, on September 18th - 20th.

Here are the photos of Scarlet as an ax wielding maniac....oh, and one pretty one of her as well:

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