Gonzo Movie Trailers From Japan - Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl & Robo-Geisha

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Avery Guerra

I have seen some really strange things in my life, but recently I have been exposed to some REALLY strange movie trailers, for what have to be some of the strangest movies ever produced. Honestly, when I saw the trailer for James Baack's "Bloody Rage of Bigfoot", I thought it gave me cancer. But that was nothing, just a warm-up for today's two bizarro clips from 'The Land of the Rising Sun."

Yes, indeed, no film makers in the world are as 'creative' as the Japanese. They really seem to have no idea of when to say 'when', how far is 'too far' and what is is strange and 'what is really f*****g strange!'

Movies like these could never be produced here in America, never in a million years.

Such is the case with these two trailers from "Robo-Geisha" and "Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl." Prepare to be bombarded with images of mouths with saws in them, acidic breast milk, anal swords and a Geisha that turns into a tank.

Trailers that....well.....left me speechless. Honestly, I could take the time to write about these, but I couldn't possibly do them justice. You gotta see these to believe them.

I want to warn you, they are adult content related, so please keep younger readers/viewers clear.

Here is the info on "Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl:

"Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl" is based on the manga by Shungiku Uchida about a young vampire girl named Monami (Yukie Kawamura) who tries to turn her High School crush into a vampire using a batch of cursed Valentine’s Day chocolates. When the boys jealous girlfriend, Keiko (Eri Otoguro of Onechanbara), tries to confront Monami about it, she is killed. Luckily for Keilo, her father is scientist with some interesting hobbies, who is able to put her back together, with some added improvements (Six Million Dollar Man style...I gather). As expected, Keiko seeks revenge, and the two girls battle to the death.....undeath?

"Robo-Geisha"....well....I've seen the clip....and....well....I have no idea what the hell is going on. You figure it out! I'm going to 'talk' to someone.

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  1. Great movie. Yukie Kawamura is a Japanese "gravure" model. Pretty lady!


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