Gillian Anderson Look-Alike Fulfills Fanboy Fantasies in The X-Files - A Dark XXX Parody

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Wenn

Ever since the hit sci fi television "The X-Files" first aired way back in 1993, there have been droves of devoted, and horny, fans who have been dying to see actress Gillian Anderson, who played the very sexy and very cerebral Dana Scully, without her clothes on. This 'desire' to see the actress, and the character she played on television, totally naked or engaging in sexual behavior became so prominent in some circles of fandom that it actually became a running gag on the genre based UK comedy, 'Spaced', which was written by, and starred, comedian Simon Pegg. On numerous episodes, Pegg's character, Tim Bisley, talks about his sexual fantasies that involve Dana Scully.

Though Anderson has posed for some rather 'naughty' photos, to date she has never dared to go totally nude.

It, however, looks as if Pegg and the rest of the horny fans out there are about to have their wet dreams come true......well.....sorta.

Wanting very much to cash in on this red-headed FBI agent lust, porn film makers New Sensations have begun production on "The X-Files - A Dark XXX Parody", which is being directed by Sam Hain, and will star an actress who is an exact double of Gillian Anderson.

An un-named source at New Sensations reports,"Fans will be amazed. We'll have to dye our Scully's hair - but she's a dead ringer."

The insider also revealed that the 'Scully' in this xxx satire, will unquenchable horny and will participate in,"a mass orgy sex scene with cult members" and "a threesome in an alley".

So far New Sensations has refused to reveal the name of the actress who will play their sexy Dana Scully.

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  1. Though Anderson has posed for some rather 'naughty' photos, to date she has never dared to go totally nude.

    Huh? See Straightheads (or Closure as it's titled in the US), not full nudity, but she does two topless scenes. Not to mention a couple of very raunchy sex scenes.

    I don't want no look-alikes. You can't beat the real thing.


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