The Loch Ness Monster - The Death Of A Monster Hunter - Italians Take Over The Search

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: The Huffington Post / Highland News

It's a common superstition that significant events happen in "threes". When celebrities die, they tend to pass on in batches of three, when major natural disasters happen around the globe, they usually happen in threes, and so on.

Well, today I have three separate items about the Loch Ness Monster, or Nessie as she likes to be called, all of which have happened to occur within one week of today.

What is so special about today? Well today is the anniversary, of the first ever photograph taken of the legendary lake monster way back in 1933 by Hugh Gray.

Is there some kind of cosmic significance to all of these events happening all at once, within one week of Nessie's unofficial 76th birthday? Is the monster on the verge of being discovered? What does this all mean?

Um.....well probably nothing, but it is a neat coincidence for those of us that take delite when random things fall into patterns.

As many of you may have read, the legendary Nessie hunter, Robert H. Rines, passed away last week at the age of 87.

Rines had devoted 30 years of his life to searching for the world's most famous lake monster. For all of his years of investigation, all he produced were a collection of interesting photographs, a bunch of well thought out theories, but alas, nothing that swayed the scientific community into seriously believing that there was a survivor from prehistoric times living in Loch Ness.

Rines' obsession with the creature began in June of 1972 when he witnessed, “a large, darkish hump, covered... with rough, mottled skin, like the back of an elephant” in the Loch.

Many were quick to label Rines as a crackpot, but nothing was further from the truth. In fact we are talking about a man who was an accomplished inventor who held more than 800 patents, many of them for sonar devices he had developed to help him look for the monster, yet another dealt with missile-guiding technology. Rines was also a renowned intellectual property lawyer and founder of the Franklin Pierce Law Center.

Not a stupid man by any means.

Now, in Rines absence, a group of Italian investigators is taking up the cause, and they believe the reason why so many others have failed to produce a monster in the past, is because they were searching the lake and not the surrounding countryside.

The groups leader, Cristiano Patelli, explains, "We believe she does not just stay underwater and think that she can breathe on land, so we will be footprint tracking as well as water searching."

This theory may have some basis. In Canada, Nessies cousin, the "Ogopogo", has been witnessed outside it's watery home, Lake Okanagan, and likewise, the monster of Lake Champlain, "Champ", has been known to take moonlit strolls as well.

As all good monster hunters do these days, the Italians have a film crew following them around in hopes of producing a documentary about good old "Nessie."

In fact, members of the expedition, donned tights, and took to the streets of Inverness for a day of singing and dancing to help fund their quest, the documentary and also to raise money for local charities.

Cristiano explains that he hopes to continue giving even after his film is finished, adding, "When the documentary has it's premier, we charge nothing for the people to come along. Instead they make a donation, all of which goes to a children's charity, chosen for that year.

"We have already made five documentaries over the years, and so we have managed to raise quite a bit and we think children's charity's are very worthy."

You have to give it to Cristano and his group, they may be eccentric, and they probably won't find a monster, but their hearts are in the right place.

Now about that 1933 photograph of the monster.

Hugh Gray was walking home from church when he saw something of considerable dimensions' rise from the dark waters of the huge Scottish loch on November 12, 1933.

He quickly snapped a photograph of it and, over the years, Nessie hunters have never been able to provide an explanation, although some sceptics say it could be a distorted picture of a dog with a stick in its mouth. See the photo - HERE

As luck would have it, Gray's photograph would be overshadowed by the infamous "Surgeon's Photo" that was snapped by Christian Spurling a year later.

That photograph, was revealed to be a hoax decades later. A prank to fool the London newspaper, Daily Mail, by a notorious hoaxer named Marmaduke Wetherell, who constructed a model monster, and convinced the reputable Spurling to photograph it in the Loch, then sell it to the publication.

Lake monster or a doggie taking a swim? Regardless, the image taken by Gray still stands as the first ever, "alleged", photograph of the Loch Ness Monster.

As long as there are mysteries to be solved, there will be people willing to devote their lives to try and solve them.

Oh.....and a Happy Birthday to you Nessie!

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