Planet Of Vampire Women - New Photos And Casting Call

Oh No! Astrid and Pepper are knocked out in the crash!

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Christy Savage

The film makers over at Trash Film Orgy have been busy chugging away on their latest movie venture, "Planet of Vampire Women", which looks like it is going to turn out to be a good one. From the sounds of it, it looks like a modern version of "Starcrash"......with hot vampire women instead of Caroline Monroe.

One thing can certainly be said for the folks at TFO, they know how to keep the promo images coming. This past week Christy Savage, one of the fine people spearheading the production, released yet another bundle of photos to entice us would be viewers.

Of course, having a film that stars the lovely Liesel Hanson, Stephanie Hyden, Jawara Duncan, and Paquita Estrada does wonders for the old publicity machine as well.

Christy also mentioned that TFO was looking for more young ladies to star as featured characters, background extras and Pleasure Clones in an casino scene. Honestly, who would pass up an opportunity to be a Pleasure Clone.....I ask, who?

An open casting call has been placed through Talent 6, any interested parties can respond to that at

Here is a copy of the add Christy posted to give you an idea of what they are looking for:

We are currently scheduling the big, bloody Space Casino Scenes for TFO Productions' new feature PLANET OF THE VAMPIRE WOMEN and are casting all of our featured characters and extras.

We are primarily looking for Sexy Ladies to play Pleasure Clones, Casino Patrons and Cocktail Waitresses. (we are NOT looking for men at this time).

ALL extra parts will be cast in advance and we will be finalizing all casting in the next couple of weeks. We will be shooting mid-December through mid-January, primarily evenings and weekends. Not all folks will be called all times...the part you get may depend on your availability.

We will be doing auditions NEXT WEEK on Tuesday, Dec. 1st and Wednesday, Dec. 2nd in the evenings by appointment only.

This will be a non-paying gig, but meals will be provided, as well as DVD copy of the finished film, credit, lots of fun and other bonuses. :-)

No money involved, but a great way to get into a movie!

Oh, and here is the film's plot again, in case ya missed it:

PLANET OF THE VAMPIRE WOMEN is an action-packed sci-fi adventure of the galaxy’s sexiest space pirates who pull off the ultimate heist only to crash into an unknown world. Finding themselves trapped on a storm-shrouded planet overrun with monsters, the intergalactic outlaws unknowingly awaken an unspeakable horror that causes the dead to walk...with an insatiable lust for blood!

After pulling off the heist of the century, notorious space pirate Trix Richards and her gang of interplanetary outlaws attempt a daring getaway in an antique warship. The mercenaries blaze through the galaxy with the law on their tail, seeking refuge on a long-forgotten sinister moon. But when the ship crashes into the storm-shrouded orb, they find themselves stranded in a nightmare world of unrelenting terror, with a scout missing and a fatally wounded leader. As the crew assesses the damage, Captain Richards rises from the dead with an insatiable lust for blood. She disappears into the fog, leaving behind a badly wounded helmsman and an unfathomable mystery. A scout party is quickly assembled to investigate the hostile environment, which is plagued by violent electrical storms and alive with danger. It is also a breeding ground for degenerate aliens and the pirates soon find themselves trapped in a desperate struggle to stay alive. Stumbling upon the ruins of an ancient civilization, they unwittingly awaken a dormant evil bent on destruction of the dark moon and its bloodthirsty inhabitants. The remaining humans must race against time to escape the doomed world and reach civilization before the space vampires can spread their infernal horror to an unsuspecting universe.

Looks and sounds like a great campy, sexy, sci fi romp to me.

Here are the latest photos from "Planet of Vampire Women", with a few captions from Christy Savage:

Stephanie Hyden as Astrid Corvair, Pleasure Clone turned Space Pirate.

On the Bridge of the Camaroville Belle...
In this photo: Stephanie Hyden, Paquita Estrada, Liesel Hanson, Ashley Marino

Paquita Estrada as Captain Mickey "Trix" Richards, the Galaxy's Most Notorious Space Pirate.


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