Tom Biscardi Brings A Film Crew To West Virginia To Find Bigfoot

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Charleston Daily Mail

Country signer Kris Allen says that he has been seeing Bigfoot in his native West Virginia since he was eight years old. The sightings have often left him terrified, yet he has turned his fear into determination to prove that the creature is indeed real.

Allen is so motivated to prove the existence of Bigfoot that he has lured the often controversial crypto researcher Tom Biscardi to his home state in hopes of capturing the elusive animal on film, possibly by a film crew filming Biscardi.

For the past year, a crew from California-based Golden Leaf Pictures has been following Biscardi around the country documenting his exploits for a 3D film about the researcher, and Bigfoot sightings, to be released next spring.

Biscardi will be bringing all of the state-of-the-art equipment he can muster to try and find evidence of the mysterious creature, including video cameras with night-vision capabilities.

The researcher will set up camp in the Kanawha State Forest this upcoming weekend. Due to the belief that the Bigfoot species is nocturnal, the expedition will be doing their hunting between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m.

According to Allen the area around Kanawha is a literal 'hot-spot' for seeing Bigfoot, in fact he and his young son saw one of them in the area just last week.

Biscardi has been in contact with Allen for the past nine months and believes that the lead signer for the band Southern Thunder, is a credible witness. The fact that the number of sightings in the woods of West Virginia has spiked over the last few weeks, has convinced the researcher that now is the time to put together his investigation.

Biscardi notes, "He comes with a lot of credibility (Allen)..... he and his wife have been having these sightings of these creatures, these primates."

"These creatures are on their migrational path right now. Right now, they're in abundance. And because of the weather, you're experiencing this a lot sooner than the West Coast."

Allen first saw two Bigfoot near Sherwood Lake in Greenbrier County ripping the bark off trees about fifteen years ago. Ever since then he has been both frightened and fascinated by the creatures. He has been doing his own amateur research on the mysterious monsters ever since.

"From there on, I became an investigator," he said. "I have spent countless hours in the woods with cameras. I have taken hundreds of photos of foot tracks. I have feces from them. They are omnivorous and nocturnal."

"A lot of people don't talk about the strange things they see in the woods because they don't want people to laugh at them," he said.

"I want proof. I want proof that the world can see. I don't want anyone to doubt me again."

With any luck, Biscardi will be able to find the kind of evidence that will add credibility to these sightings.

Of course, this all hinges on the film team securing the proper permits before the weekend. The offices of the West Virginia Film Office has been notified of the weekend shoot, and so has the National Park Service, though the special permit to film in the Kanawha State Forest while it is closed overnight has not yet been secured.

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  1. Tell Tom to look no further than Northern Illinois to Find Bigfoot!
    He will have to get past Satantha and Loosey-Fur first though!

  2. Hey Ken,

    Being a crypto enthusiast yourself I'm sure you must've read that Tom Biscardi was involved in orchestrating last year's bigfoot-body-in-a-freezer hoax.

  3. No! Really!

    I honestly didn't pay any atention to that story because I had a gut feeling that it was a scam.


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