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The Top Ten Hottest Monsters Of 2009

Written By: Ken Hulsey Hot on the heels of our now famous "Hottest Women of 2009" list, comes our other 'Hot' list, the rankings for the most popular monsters. Granted pretty girls are great to look at, but can they destroy an entire city?....well, I think a couple of women on our list possibly could, but can they breathe fire? Okay, I'm going to leave that one alone. This blog is called Monster Island News after all, so it is only fitting that we push the eye candy aside for just a moment and get down to some real hardcore monster stuff. Here is the list of the beasts that really scared the crap out of you in 2009. Okay......not really scared ya, but the monsters that are close to all of our hearts. 10. MechaGodzilla No new movies for this mechanical terror in 2009, but Monster Island News readers still love him non the less. Let's see in 2009 the were a pair of shoes made by Puma inspired by the monster, and there was the news that Toho was renting

The Top Ten Hottest Women Of 2009

Written By: Ken Hulsey Last year I posted a very popular article about who, you, the Monster Island News reader, thought were the 'hottest women of the year' based on your in site searches. Well, here we are again at the end of yet another year and I bet ya thought I was going to forget to make a list of the ladies that set your hearts on fire during the past 365 days? NO WAY! Though I did wait this year to the very last minute to compile the list as a tease, you know that I would ever forget to feed all you horny fanboys out there. Oh, before I forget, I did make a few adjustments to my criteria this year. Essentially to make my job a whole lot easier, and to give all the young ladies a fair shake, I made all the women from last years list non-eligible for this years list. In doing so, I may have disappointed a few of you, but I promise that these 'fresh' faces will more than satisfy. Enough of my banter, let's get right to it, shall we. 10. Rachel Grubb

Russia Is Planning To Build A Spaceship To Prevent Asteroid 'Apophis' From Hitting Earth

Written By: Ken Hulsey Source: Associated Press I was fully prepared to sit down today and write one of my typical articles about monster movies and alternate cinema. That was until I opened up my Yahoo home page and read the headline "Russia may send spacecraft to knock away asteroid". It was at that point that my attention was diverted from my intended subject. This one is just too good to pass up. Anatoly Perminov, the head of the Russian space program, told reporters today that his agency is in the early stages of designing a spaceship to be used to alter the course of the 270-meter (885-foot) asteroid "Apophis" to prevent it from hitting the Earth in 2029. Now, the scenario of an asteroid hitting the Earth has been used in several movies and TV shows over the past few decades including "Deep Impact", "Armageddon", "Meteor" (Okay that one is a bout a meteorite.....same difference), and even in an episode of "The Simpsons.&

Mallika Sherawat And News Guaranteed To Make You Hisss

Written By: Ken Hulsey Sources: Avery Guerra / Buzzine Earlier this year I spent a lot of time talking about the upcoming Bollywood monster/horror film, "Hisss", which is beeing directed by Jennifer Lynch and stars the very exotic Mallika Sherawat. Well, to be honest, it's a Hollywood made film for distribution in India....anyway, after posting a few articles, the last one being in May, news on the production just fell silent. That's not to mean that production on the film stopped, so don't worry. No, just that the media just kinda moved on to other stuff. Present company included. Well thanks to our resident 'blood-hound', Avery Guerra, "Hisss" has once again slithered out of the shadows. Filming has been proceeding on schedule in several locations throughout India, including Chennai, Mumbai and a Kerala jungle with a mostly Indian cast, including the renowned Irfan Khan, under the direction of Lynch and an American crew, backed by Hollywoo

G-FEST Lands Akira Takarada!

One of the greatest actors to perform in Japanese science-fiction movies for over 50 years is coming to America! G-FEST is pleased to announce that the special guest for G-FEST XVII this coming July in Chicago is none other than Akira Takarada. Takarada has appeared in many Japanese science-fiction movies beginning with Godzilla in 1954 and most recently in Godzilla Final Wars in 2004. From Wikipedia: Takarada was born in Harbin, China. His father worked as an engineer on the South Manchuria Railway. After the war, he remained in Harbin, China, the city of his birth. He is able to speak Mandarin Chinese and English. He is still an active actor at age 75 and is set to perform in a play this summer. He managed to squeeze in his G-FEST appearance just before he is to begin rehearsals. For more details on G-FEST, go to .

Bigfoot Caught On Trap Camera In Minnesota......Maybe?

Written By: Ken Hulsey Source: Star Tribune / Minneapolis If you are a big fan of shows like "Monster Quest" and "Destination Truth" then you have probably seen a motion sensor trap camera before. It's a camera that can be strapped to a tree, that takes a photograph if anything movies in front of it. Over the past few years, monster hunters, and nature lovers, have been setting things up all over the place hoping that something like a Sasquatch, Chupacabra or some other form of rare fauna will wonder in front of one and get it's picture taken. Well, it looks like a man in Minnesota has managed to do what Josh Gates, so far, has been unable to do. Have Bigfoot walk in front of the camera. On the rainy night of October 24th, at 7:20 pm (the camera puts a time a date stamp on all photos) a seven-foot-tall upright walking creature, or possibly someone in a costume, was caught on film by a camera set up by 55-year-old Tim Kedrowski near Leech Lake (Minn). &

Godzilla In L.A.

by Armand Vaquer Godzilla is stomping into L.A.! Los Angeles has the Godzilla star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Godzilla, King of the Monsters! plaque at the Frank del Olmo Elementary School. Now, Los Angeles has the living, breathing Godzilla of baseball. Sports Network reported: The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have come to terms with outfielder/designated hitter Hideki Matsui on a one-year contract. Although financial terms were not released, the New York Times reported earlier in the week that the deal was believed to be worth $6.5 million. Above, here I am in Toho International's conference room with Matsui's Yankee baseball jerseys in the background. Toho will now be able to add his Angels jerseys to their collection. It is starting to look like Los Angeles is the most Godzilla-laden city outside of Tokyo, Japan.

Showa Gamera Movies To Be Released By Shout Factory

Showa Gamera Movies To Be Released By Shout Factory by Armand Vaquer There's good news for kaiju fans! Shout Factory is on the lookout for a 35mm scope print of the U.S. version of Daiei's 1965 feature Daikaiju Gamera , released here as Gammera The Invincible . Shout Factory has licensed this film along with the 7 other early Showa Gamera films from Kadokawa Pictures, who now owns the Gamera character. Unfortunately, Kadokawa does not own a copy of the U.S. version. Shout Factory plans to release these movies in HD transfer along with new subtitles and many extras. The last Gamera movie was Gamera The Brave , released in 2006 by Kadokawa Pictures.

"Ataque de Pánico!" (Panic Attack!) Gets A Big Budget Hollywood Makeover Thanks To Sam Raimi

Written By: Ken Hulsey Source: Yahoo News Do you remember about a month ago when I posted the cool video from Uruguay called, "Ataque de Pánico!"? You know, the one about the little boy and the army of giant robots that blow a town to bits. I thought you would. Well, come to find out that it wasn't just us folks here at Monster Island News who were oooing and awing over the short film, a bunch of robot loving geeks in Hollywood, with big wallets, were getting all worked up too. Almost as soon as special effects man, and film maker, Fede Alvarez posted the clip to Youtube, he, and collaborator, Aparato Post, found themselves being overwhelmed with big-time offers from Hollywood studios wanting to turn their little project into the next "District 9". To make a long story short, it was Sam Raimi who won out by plunking down $30 million to secure the rights for his Ghost House Pictures. That's quite a financial turnaround for Alvarez and Post who took a

It's Namie Amuro vs Gundam In The Music Video For 'Defend Love'

Written By: Ken Hulsey Source: Japan Today This years 30th anniversary of the animated series "Gundam" is quite a 'big deal' in Japan. and from all the happenings in the 'land of the rising sun' it is easy to see how the show has impacted that countries pop culture. When "Gundam" first aired, way back in 1979, there was one little girl who was mesmerised by what she saw. That little girl is all grown up now, and has fans of her own. I am, of course, talking about 32-year-old, Japanese pop star, Namie Amuro, who has chosen a special way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the show she loved so much as a child. For the first music video from Amuro's latest album, entitled 'Past Future', the vocalist took a look back at the original "Gundam" series. In the video, for the song 'Defend Love', pop star Namie Amuro goes toe-to-toe with the classic hero Amuro Ray. Yes, it's Amuro vs Amuro music video style. This past

Dan O'Bannon, R.I.P.

by Armand Vaquer We've lost one of the sci-fi giants of our generation. Screenwriter, director, special effects supervisor and actor Dan O'Bannon has died at age 63. He had been in ill health recently and had been in a hospital. According to : O'Bannon was responsible for some of the favorite sci-fi/horror myths of our generation. He wrote the screenplay for a little film called Alien , directed by Ridley Scott, (you may have heard of it), and worked on all the sequels. He was also responsible for The Return of the Living Dead , the amazing George Romero zombie satire, and he worked on the Total Recall script and created the B-17 sequence in Heavy Metal . Not only that, but he provided the screenplay and served as Special Effects Supervisor on the John Carpenter flick, Dark Star , and he worked on a film called Star Wars . Dark Star is one flick that I still find hilarious, especially the "beach ball" alien. He had been working on an Alien

The Day Of The Triffids (2009) - Dougray Scott Interview - New Trailer & Clips

Sources: BBC / Power Corp Dougray Scott, Joely Richardson, Brian Cox, Vanessa Redgrave, Eddie Izzard and Jason Priestley star in The Day Of The Triffids, on BBC One this Christmas, written by Patrick Harbinson (ER, Law & Order). This epic, fast-paced, futuristic, two-part drama is a co-production between Power and Canadian producer Prodigy Pictures for BBC One, and is based on John Wyndham's best-selling post-apocalyptic novel, The Day Of The Triffids, published in 1951. Scientist Bill Masen (DOUGRAY SCOTT), has dedicated his life’s work to the study of the complex plant species called Triffids, Genetically modified, they are mass-produced for their ‘Triffoil’, a vital source of renewable fuel. Bill has noticed an unnerving change in their behavioural patterns. The Triffids are starting to communicate. Meanwhile, crowds gather across the globe to witness a much-anticipated solar storm. But the spectacle blinds all those who watch it and the world goes into free fall. In L

Avatar - Is It Animation? Creating The Fictional World Of Pandora

Source: 20th Century Fox (Press Materials) Well....Is It Animation? Ask the animators at WETA, and they'll tell you that the avatars and Na'vi are animated. Ask director Jim Cameron, and he'll say the characters were performed by the actors. The truth is that both are right. It took great animation skill to ensure that the characters performed exactly as the actors did. But at the same time, no liberties were taken with those performances. They were not embellished or exaggerated. The animators sought to be utterly truthful to the actors' work, doing no more and certainly no less than what Sam, Zoë or Sigourney had done in the Volume. Of course the animators added a little bit, with the movement of the tails and ears, which the actors could not do themselves. But even here, the goal was to stay consistent with the emotions created by the actors during the original capture. So when Neytiri's tail lashes and her ears lower in fury, they are merely further expressin

Universal Courting Carl Erik Rinsch To Direct "Creature From The Black Lagoon"

Written By: Ken Hulsey Source: Avery Guerra / Variety It looks as if Universal is trying to court director Carl Erik Rinsch to helm the remake of "Creature From The Black Lagoon." Rinsch has made a name for himself as of late, directing commercials for RSA owners Ridley and Tony Scott, who strongly considered him for their "Alien" prequel film. Rinsch is no stranger to feature films, directing the independent films "The Quiz" (1994) and "Lovely Weather for Rain" (1996). "Creature" will be the second project that the director will helm for Universal, who hired him for the Keanu Reeves samurai epic “47 Ronin” earlier this year. Production on "Ronin" is set to begin in 2010, so it would be assumed that filming would begin on "Creature From The Black Lagoon" later in the year, or in 2011. Universal has be covertly working on the remake of the 1954 film, which starred Richard Carlson and Julie Adams, for over two ye

The First Trailer For Kadokawa's 'Daimajin Kanon'

Written By: Ken Hulsey Source: Avery Guerra It has been some time since I last had anything to report about Kadokawa's new television series based on their 1966 film 'Daimajin' called 'Daimajin Kanon." Last month Kadokawa began to air a rather cool new trailer for the series. The clip begins as a tribute to their prior sci fi and monster films, namely the 'Gamera' films produced between 1965 and 1999 and the 'Daimajin' films produced in the late 60s and ends with adverts for new video releases for these films. I have to admit that seeing a crisp and clear 'Gamera' clip is a bit of an odd sight. I'm so used to the crappy American prints that have been aired for decades. What is wedged between the giant flying turtle and the old statue come to life stuff, is a great mix of all the things that make Japanese sci fi it's own unique breed of cat. Giant monsters, over-the-top villains, bug-eyed critters on motorcycles, cute tiny alien