A Curious Bigfoot Caught On A Thermal Camera In North Carolina

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Ghost Theory

It's been named "Squeaky Footage", about three minutes of film captured last April at an abandoned campsite in North Carolina, of what appears to be a rather inquisitive Bigfoot.

The footage, which was shot with a thermal imaging camera, is the work of Mike Greene, a 20 year Bigfoot investigator and former chief of the Welfare and Food Stamp Fraud Investigation Department.

The location that Greene chose for his stake-out is reportedly the haunt of a very curious creature who has been seen lurking at night near campsites, normally just out of fire light, for the past couple of years.

The veteran Bigfoot hunter knew that this may be a prime spot to investigate and his intuitiveness may have paid off.

Just after setting up his camp, Greene heard some of the same types of noises that he had heard during a 2007 expedition into the region, where he just missed capturing the elusive animal on film.

Not wanting to miss another chance to capture images of the elusive cryptid, the monster hunter set a trap. He placed some food on a tree stump next to his campsite, then moved to a safe distance and set up his thermal camera and turned it on.

Not wanting to scare off the creature, he left the area.

Two ours later he returned to discover that his camera had caught something large, and on two legs, rummaging through his campsite.

Is it Bigfoot?

Well, that certainly will be a topic of debate for sometime.

Now, as a Bigfoot eyewitness myself, I can tell you that the object in the film has the right shape and seems to move like the animal I saw.

But, that really doesn't mean anything.

Many fellow researchers in the field of cryptozoology have made comments to back up Greene's character and his long history as a fraud investigator for our government speaks for itself.

So, it would be safe to say that Greene wouldn't be the kind of guy to try and pull off a hoax, but did someone play a hoax on him? That's the tricky part.

Since he left the area while the alleged Bigfoot went trough his belongings, there is no eye-witness to the events captured in the video. So it could be Sasquatch or some really big homeless guy looking for a free meal.

Most of us are familiar with how a thermal imaging camera works, thanks to shows like "Ghost Hunters", "Destination Truth" and "Ghost Adventures." Basically it picks up generated by either a living entity, power source or....spirit...possibly.

Hot objects appear as oranges and reds and cold ones as blues.

Living creatures, like our Bigfoot friend in the above video, kinda appear a as blobs with a shape to them against the cooler background items, in this case trees.

Unfortunately, there are no distinguishable features in this type of image that could prove positive that it is either a man or a monster.

So it's all inconclusive.

There is one thing that could, if anything, shine a dim light on both Greene and his footage. The fact that at the present moment, he is charging people to view the whole thing.

That's right, the footage featured above is only a small sampling of the entire video, which is about three minutes long. To see all of that, you will have to pay Greene $3 through his website.

You can read into that what you may.

I would hope that someone who has dedicated 20 years of his life to hunting Bigfoot, wouldn't be trying to cash in. I would think that if he had a real video of the creature than he would be more than happy to submit it to the masses FOC.

But, I don't want to make a judgement call hear. Everyone needs money, and if people are willing to pay....well....I'll leave it at that.

Hopefully trap cameras, which take normal resolution images, could be used in the same area to capture more definitive proof that there is a curious Bigfoot in the North Carolina wild.

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  1. Hey Ken,

    I was all set to watch this clip until I got to the part about Mr. Greene charging for seeing the entire thing. That screams "Hoax!" in my mind right there.

  2. If the guy spent his time and money in order to capture this footage, I don't blame him for trying to recoup that some of that cost somehow. It's very interesting footage but's there's certainly reason to be skeptical.


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