Alien Prequel Coming At Ya In 3D!

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Movie Web

Oh, James Cameron, what have you done? Now, because of the mega-success of "Avatar", just about every fantasy film that is set to begin production will be shot in 3D.

Hell, even George Lucas is now planning to once again redo his original "Star Wars" films in 3D.

Oh, James, what have you done to Hollywood?

It has just been revealed that Ridley Scott is now planning to shoot his, yet untitled, "Alien" prequel film in 3D as well.

Art director Roger Christian recently talked to Scott about the project and reports, "Ridley's doing the next Alien in 3D. Ridley told me some of his ideas when we were here in Toronto. He has a very clear understanding of where this should go. They kind of stopped dead one of the greatest horror franchises there's ever been, and it had legs to go on. So I'm hoping he'll revive another three. The world certainly wants it, and the fans want it - everybody. "

Because of Christian's involvement in developing the 'look' of the first "Alien" movie, he is optimistic that he will be brought on board to work on Scott's prequel, "I hope so. I actually met Ridley here at the film festival. We had a chat to catch up, and he was going on about how much I'd 'got it' on the first one. I guess that's because of Star Wars, where I had a trained crew with me...and we learnt how to do it. It's not a technique that's easy to do - it's something I'd learnt. So [Scott] kept saying how I was the one responsible, really."

"I always made only one promise to myself. I said if ever I went back to designing, the only film I would ever want to design is Alien, if Ridley re-did it."

Last year it was rumored that Sigourney Weaver may make a cameo in the "Alien" prequel, but the actress quickly squashed the notion stating, "I don't think that Ripley could appear in an Alien prequel because she doesn't have any access to the creature until the first Alien."

The "Alien 3D Prequel" joins a growing list of fantasy 3D projects going into production including "Gremlins 3" and "Green Lantern".

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