The Bloody Rage Of Bigfoot - Preview Clips, Nasty Church Letters And Sequel News

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: James Baack / Avery Guerra

Film maker James Baack is happy to announce that his latest surreal, 3D, horrorpalooza, "The Bloody Rage of Bigfoot" is now finished.

Baack has spent the last few weeks making final 'small adjustments' to his creation, and now it is ready to be viewed by gore lovers, female cult members, clowns and cryptozoology nuts around the globe.

As a special treat, Baack has sent us two, count em, two extended preview clips from his movie. Now, I have to warn you, one of these contains some rather fowl language, torture, and some titillating girl-on-girl kissing action, so this not for 'all-ages'. Please use discretion.

Indeed, these two clips go in two different directions, and point to just how much of a 'mind-bender' "Bloody Rage" is as a movie.

No Bigfoot in either of these clips, though I have been assured that there is one in the movie.

Baack was also kind enough to let me in on a scoop. Look for more craziness from every ones favorite kissing cult cuties, Satantha and Loosey-Fur in the very near future. The film maker revealed, "Now we are in discussions for the sequel (or Prequel in this case). We are planning on having Satantha and Loosey-Fur creturn for: "The Uninvited Alien Invasion." ...2011."

Can't wait to see what Baack does with aliens.

As many of you know, Baack has made a few Bigfoot fan groups....oh, yes, researchers, mad with his sadistic Sasquatch film. Now, he has a wacko, Baptist, hate group blazing up his mail box. Oh, the perils of being a horror movie director.

Here are the two clips, and let me say it again, they are not for younger viewers, so parents, pull your kids away from the computer and make them do the dishes or watch cartoons or something:

Now, why am I having fantasies about girls in pig masks?

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  1. Very interesting Baack got a letter from the Illinois Friends of Bigfoot group since they apparently don't exist according to a Google search. They must have less sightings than the actual Bigfoot. He should stick to self promotion instead of making "films" that are pieced together afterwards.