A Call Out To All Fans To Help THE LEGEND OF GRASSMAN Crew Member After Assualt

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Tyler Meyer / Avery Guerra

I was just forwarded a very sad e-mail from "The Legend of Grassman" director, Tyler Meyer. According to the film maker, one of his volunteers on the film, 23-year-old Jamie Belty, was attacked this past weekend in her apartment by an ex-boyfriend with a hammer. Reportedly the young woman is in critical condition in a Cincinnati hospital.

According to Meyer, "She (Belty) suffered a good deal of head trauma and has a lot of rehabilitation ahead of her."

Several of the victims friends and family have set up a website so that people can read about what happened and donate to help her family pay her medical expenses.


You can read about the attack at the WLWT News 5 website - Police Kill Man As He Beats Woman With Hammer

All of our prayers go out to Jamie Belty, her family and close friends.

What a terrible tragedy.

Tyler Meyer also sent along this update on how the filming of "The Legend of Grassman" is proceeding.

"Since November, we've been editing, looping, shooting cut-ins, and trying to convince people to work with us on our shoot this May. That last thing is the hardest part when you have no money and you tell people you're making a Bigfoot movie. You need actors and crew and locations, and about 75% of the people you talk to think you're nuts. But the trailer we put together with last Fall's footage has helped us out in that area, as has the enthusiastic press we've received so far. So, we've been able to get that percentage down to 50%. From a producing angle, things are starting to come together. And now that the leaves have returned, we're about to resume principal photography."

Look for an update on Jamie Belty, and "The Legend of Grassman" very soon.

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