Goldilocks Is Through With Bears....Now She's Hunting Zombies

Source: Comic Book Divas (Press Release)(Myspace)
Written By: Jeff Hughes
Photos: Scarlet Salem / Bianca Barnett / Tara Cardinal / Comic Book Divas / Facebook

When we were children we all read the classic storybook stories of Red Riding Hood, The Three Blind Mice, Jack and Jill, the Gingerbread Man and many other stories that taught many of us valuable lessons in life.

What if that world did not exist because of a unknown zombie virus that spread like wildfire throughout the storybook world and turned this lovable characters into brain loving flesh eating monsters!?

Welcome to StoryBook World 2012 one of many story book worlds in the storybook universe, but this storybook has been devastated by that unknown zombie virus, turning many storybook residents into flesh eating monsters.

Who can save them?!, Who can stop this madness?!, Who can kick major zombie butt plus have the fashion sense and look really hot doing it?!

That’s when you call GOLDILOCKS!!!!

“Goldilocks In Zombie Land” tells the story of Goldilocks and her band of zombie hunting friends “Bo Peep”, “The Woodsman”, and Jack “From The Bean Stalk) as they fight, hack, slash, and shoot their way through a horde of fairy tale zombies in order to reach Castle Tower the last safe haven in StoryBook 2012 and the home of “Queen Rapunzel”.

The queen has summoned Goldilocks to discuss a mission to rid their world of this very un-storybook behavior, problem will this turn into a suicide mission before their is another Happily Ever After?

“Goldilocks In Zombie Land” will be a 16 page web comic, with pages coming out monthly that will be packed with zombies and zombie killing action in every page, with art by Jason Dube of Scattered Comics Studios bringing reader’s all the zombie mayhem.

As always Comic Book Divas is very honored to feature some of the most talented and beautiful women in the entertainment industry to help bring the story to life and bring the reader even more into the story.

Goldilocks will be portrayed by the very talented and beautiful Scarlet Salem; don’t expect to see our version of Goldilocks in any storybook petticoat and hair ribbons; she will be chewing bubble gum and kicking zombie butt,

Scarlet Salem is a model and actress from Minnesota. She began modeling in 2007 working steadily in print, fashion, and various websites.

Her life long love of the horror genre led to her auditioning for an independent horror film called ‘Pajama Party Massacre’. She got the role and loved the experience so much that she sought out other film work.

To date she has worked on over two dozen projects with titles such as: ‘Terror Overload’, ‘Killer Biker Chicks’, Resist Evil Trilogy’, ‘Strip Club Slasher’, and ‘Camp Kill’.

In 2010 Scarlet will be working on ‘Hallow Point’, her first large scale project. The film, being shot in New Orleans, stars a whole slew of genre legends.

Dai Green will be portraying StoryBook 2012’s “Queen Rapunzel”; from the start reader’s will know that Goldilocks and Rapunzel have a past but their is mutual respect between the two; reader’s will also discover that she is a lot more than your average ruler, she is more than willing to get into the zombie fight herself.

Dai Green is the Managing Editor of ““, she also runs the column called Horror Talk with Dai and is also co-host of the infamous Podcast From Hell” with my lovely co-host John Torrani and The Gash with the equally as beautiful Rebekah The Jew and Nita Burson.

Dai Green has worked on quite a few scripts that you will see coming up soon as well as a few projects that will have me in front of the camera. She is a horror enthusiast and promote the genre as much as humanly possible!

Bianca Barnett will be portraying Bo Peep, our version of Bo Peep doesn’t give a flock about sheep anymore, she wants to hunt down and destroy these munchers for eating her sheep; payback will come fast and furious as she uses her hook staff.

Bianca Barnett first slashed her way into the heart of horror with her fearless performance as the horribly mutated villainess, Pig Bitch, in 2009’s “Albino Farm“. Next, she portrayed Marlena, a drug-addled model who moonlighted as an organ theif in Ramzi Abed’s mind-bending thriller, “In a Spiral State“. Bianca made her film debut in Abed’s “The Devil’s Muse“, playing dual roles as naïve Rose, who moved to Hollywood with hopes of stardom, and the mutilated corpse of the mysterious Black Dahlia.

Currently, Bianca has five projects she is working on in 2010, including a cameo in Michael Colburn’s gruesome “The Toy Box”; a femme fatale in the neo noir “Kissing Jake”; and as the action heroine, Toy London, in “Vengeance Wears a Skirt”.

Joe Knetter will be portraying the Woodsman, he has swung his axe many times to cut down trees and maybe a wolf or two in the pages of a fairy tale, but now he is chopping down zombies left and right.

Joe Knetter will be the first featured male role in the pages of a Comic Book Divas comic book and web comic.

Joe Knetter has written and acted in many independent horror films with such titles as: Pajama Party Massacre, Doomed to Consume, Rottentail, Moonlighting, Terror Overload, Meatings, Killer Weekend and Hallow Pointe.

He enjoys horror and looks forward to working in all aspects of the genre.

Joe has also written for Cryptic magazine and Dread Central, have been mentioned in many magazines and newspapers, The History channel, MTV2, Rob Zombie’s weekly radio show as well as numerous sites all over the internet.

Tara Cardinal will be portraying Jacqueline Bean; her husband Jack (Jack And The Beanstalk fame) was killed when he was torn apart by a horde of zombies when the outbreak first began. Now she is on a mission of revenge.

Tara Cardinal is a actress, scream queen and producer, Tara Cardinal is one of the top scream queens in the horror genres today, she has been cast in several popular horror movies including “Delivery” in which she has featured billing in the movie.

Tara Cardinal is also known for her work in the horror classics “Ding Dong Dead”, “Tromeo And Juliet”; in addition to these movie roles Tara is also the creator, writer, director, producer, and plays the lead role in the upcoming film “Red Reaper”

In addition to her movie career Tara Cardinal can be found being featured in modeling shoots for magazines and websites that include ; she is also co-host with Devanny Pinn of the Scream Queens Uncut video show where they interview guests in the horror industry.

Tara is also known for her charity events that help those in dire need like the “Bleed For A Cause” Blood Drive For Haiti that raised blood and clothing for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Tara Cardinal can also be seen in the upcoming web comic series entitled “A Life Behind The Mask” where she portrays “Amazonia” the series is written and created by Jeff Hughes and drawn by Dennis Willman.

Asaa Hope will be portraying Dingy evil pixie version of a certain Disney pixie; she once was a beautiful pixie that people would stop and marvel at her flying skills, until the day she was bitten and infected by (Not going to tell you it would spoil the surprise) and now people are ducking and running for cover!

Asaa is new to the movie and horror industry but has already began making her mark in such movies as 2001 Maniacs Field of Screams which is a sequel to 2005’s 2001 Maniacs, that is a remake of Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1964 Classic 2000 Maniacs.

Asaa will also be featured in the upcoming Gore Magazine (Issue #57) that will be on newsstands June 8th,

In addition to the cast “Goldilocks In Zombie Land” will also have special cameo zombie killers and zombies that will appear through the web comic, so look carefully you may know or be related to a zombie hunter or a zombie.

Richard Diaz – Zombie
Brian Shirley – Zombie
Cari Morbid – Mrs. Muffet Zombie
Richard Anderson – Zombie
Deneen Melody Zombie Killer
Kelsey Zukowski – Zombie
Reyna Young – Zombie Killer
Brandon Slagale – Zombie Killer
Erik A. Williams – Zombie
Kaylee Williams – Zombie
Damien Colletti
Melina Beeston – Zombie
Erik Levy – Zombie
Kayla Perkins – Zombie
Sandy Bergeron – Zombie
Marshall Johnson – Zombie Killer

“Goldilocks In Zombie Land” is in production but will be making it’s way to the Internet very soon, so be sure to watch for sneak peeks of art work, and news on Comic Book Divas, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

“Goldilocks In Zombie Land”
Created and Written by Jeff Hughes
Art by Jason Dube Colorist Norman Wong
Publisher Comic Book Divas

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