100 Most Popular (Sexiest) Women In Movies, TV, SciFi And Fantasy #91- #100


Amy Bruni is a good example of what happens when a hobby, turns into a passion, which in turn becomes a way of life. Like many in the paranormal field, Amy Bruni grew up in a haunted house. Yet, unlike most in that situation, Amy Bruni's family embraced it. Amy Bruni's father was an amateur paranormal investigator and routinely, they would investigate haunted sites. At a young age, Amy Bruni was reading and absorbing everything paranormal related she could get her hands on—and as she grew to adulthood, that didn't change.

Amy Bruni's first investigative job was with a paranormal team in Sacramento, California. And eventually Amy Bruni's lifetime of supernatural knowledge drew the attention of Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of The Atlantic Paranormal Society and the SCI FI Channel series, "Ghost Hunters." Amy Bruni then began helping them with various TAPS activities and shortly thereafter, she helped form the first ever TAPS satellite team, TAPS West. Since then, Jason and Grant have recruited Amy Bruni to be part of the TAPS home team on the East Coast and now she travels with the show as a core team member.

Most recently, Amy Bruni has been using her connections in the field to conduct important research on the nature of group dynamics in the paranormal, and she's also begun lecturing on ghosts and the supernatural.

Amy Bruni's goal is to work across the paranormal community with the hope that serious field research can occur and then be shared within the society. (Bio From Pop Tower)


Jael de Pardo was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, but grew up in Queens, New York. She works as an on air personality for the independent television network Current TV where she worked as a field reporter, host, and producer. Her work on Current TV, has won her multiple awards, including the Silver Telly Award and the Bronze Remi.

In 2004 Jael starred in the critically acclaimed film Subway Cafe, alongside Rick Gonzalez and Crystal Allen.

Jael appeared in the third season of Syfy's hit paranormal reality series Destination Truth, alongside Josh Gates, where she worked as a field producer and team member of the Destination Truth crew. She was recently announced as a team member on Syfy's new reality series Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. (Bio From Wikipedia)


Tara Cardinal is a actress, scream queen and producer, Tara Cardinal is one of the top scream queens in the horror genres today, she has been cast in several popular horror movies including “Delivery” in which she has featured billing in the movie.

Tara Cardinal is also known for her work in the horror classics “Ding Dong Dead”, “Tromeo And Juliet”; in addition to these movie roles Tara is also the creator, writer, director, producer, and plays the lead role in the upcoming film “Red Reaper”

In addition to her movie career Tara Cardinal can be found being featured in modeling shoots for magazines and websites that include http://fangoria.com/ ; she is also co-host with Devanny Pinn of the Scream Queens Uncut video show where they interview guests in the horror industry.

Tara is also known for her charity events that help those in dire need like the “Bleed For A Cause” Blood Drive For Haiti that raised blood and clothing for victims of the Haiti earthquake.

Tara Cardinal can also be seen in the upcoming web comic series entitled “A Life Behind The Mask” where she portrays “Amazonia” the series is written and created by Jeff Hughes and drawn by Dennis Willman. (Bio From Comic Book Divas)


Actress and model Bianca Barnett was born Bianca Evans on the 26 August 1981 in Garland, Texas. During her childhood her parents owned a successful model kit company, Lunar Models, through which she first developed an interest in fantasy, science fiction and horror. Her thirst for film making was also fueled by her father’s video camera, with which Bianca would create and star in her own no-budget amateur movies. This led to an interest in cinema, which prompted the wannabe director to enroll in college but, after realizing that her true passion was in front of the camera, dropped out of film school and moved to Los Angeles. After various modeling opportunities came along, Bianca started her first website, ‘The Perils of Rock and Roll Decadence,’ which quickly gathered a cult following, along with her second site, ‘Bianca’s Boudoir,’ which demonstrated her love with the 1920′s.

Her first acting work came from several collaborations with Silent Ghost Cinema, which resulted in various bizarre short films with fellow struggling actress Ophidia Blackwood, including ‘The Broken Doll Meets Sad Sue’ and ‘The Devil is Always Good for a Drink.’ This led to appearances in various music videos, most notably The Rocketz’s raunchy promo ‘Killing,’ in which Bianca would be credited as a ‘Vampy Burlesque Girl. Bianca’s transition into feature films came from a meeting with independent filmmaker and fellow Texas native, Ramzi Abed, who cast her in the small but crucial role of a corpse in his Black Dahlia feature ‘The Devil’s Muse’. This film not only changed her professional life, but was a pivotal point in her personal life and put her off her path of personal self-destruction.

It was during the making of this movie that the young actress would meet FX artist Jason Barnett , who would not only become her partner but also collaborator on various projects, most notably ‘Albino Farm,’ a creature feature that saw Bianca portray the main antagonist, Pig Bitch. The role required extensive use of prosthetics, something that Bianca had grown accustomed to from her previous work in horror films. She would once again team up with Abed for another movie, ‘In a Spiral State’ portraying the drug addled model, Marlena, as well as a small role in Kevin Carraway’s ‘Fear Chamber’. Bianca and Jason Barnett would once again collaborate on the short film ‘Bunny Time Cupcakes’ for Chiller TV’s ‘Dare 2 Direct 2′ competition, which saw the actress in the dual roles of the curious Lulu and the evil Demon.

Bianca Barnett has several projects in the works, including ‘Terror 66′ (directed by Bobby Blood, drummer of metal band, MERAUDER), ‘Amphibimortis’ (another Barnett & Barnett collaboration, with Jason once again behind the camera) and ‘Blood de Madam: The Fallen Ones,’ which sees legendary horror director Herschell Gordon Lewis (‘Blood Feast’) once again terrifying audiences, which will co-star such scream queens as Felissa (‘Sleepaway Camp’) Rose and Troma regular Debbie Rochon. View samples of Bianca’s modelling work and more at
http://www.biancabarnett.com (Bio From Horror News.net)


Head Mistress at HorrorNews.net

Dai has been featured in multiple articles and interviews throughout different horror websites and magazines such as BrutalAsHell.com, LastDoorwayProductions.com, Autoeroticasphyxium Metal Magazine, etc.
Model for various bands, artists, clothing lines

Has appeared in The Chainsaw Sally Show, Suzi Lorraine’s Gorezone Short Film Series, and is slated to appear in many more films to come.

Experienced Voice Over Actress
Former staff writer for Pretty-Scary.net
Former runway model for various hair and clothing companies
Former hair model for Scruples Hair Care line

Dai Green got her start in the horror industry in 2008 after joining the Pretty-Scary.net staff under Heidi Martinuzzi. She quickly picked up a writing job with HorrorNews.net in September 2008 and became the managing editor shortly thereafter. She became a featured journalist in Reyna Young’s WOMEN IN HORROR documentary and since then has gone on to sign onto more films such as IT’S GROUNDHOG’S DAY, CHAINSAW SALLY and stars along side of Suzi Lorranine in her GOREZONE SHORT FILM. She currently is the host of HorrorNews.net’s PODCAST FROM HELL and THE GASH and continues to work in the industry with some of the horror business’ best known. With the reputation of being one of the hottest women to hit the genre in years, you can normally find her with a million things to do and a million things accomplished. (Bio From Horor News.net)


Malin Akerman is fast becoming one of the industry's busiest young actresses. Last year, she starred in the hit romantic comedy "27 Dresses," with Katherine Heigl, James Marsden and Edward Burns, under the direction of Anne Fletcher. Akerman recently reunited with Fletcher to star with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming romantic comedy "The Proposal," due out this summer. Also in 2009, she will star in the Peter Billingsley-directed comedy "Couples Retreat," with Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman and Jon Favreau.

In 2007, Akerman starred with Ben Stiller in the romantic comedy "The Heartbreak Kid," directed by the Farrelly brothers. Her other film credits include the independent releases "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" and "The Brothers Solomon."

Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Akerman moved to Toronto with her family at the age of two and spent her youth in both Canada and Sweden. At age five, she began modeling and acting in television commercials. When she was 17, she won the "Ford Supermodel of Canada" search and began spending her summers modeling in Europe. While enjoying success as a model, Akerman ultimately decided to attend college and to focus on her acting.

Soon after, she moved to Los Angeles and began landing roles in independent films, as well as guest roles on television series. Her breakthrough came in 2005 on the HBO series "The Comeback," starring Lisa Kudrow. Akerman gained attention of both critics and audiences for her work in the series regular role of Juno Millken on the show. In addition, she recently had a memorable recurring role on the third season of the hit HBO series "Entourage." (Bio From Warner Bros)


Shannon McDonough began her performance career by taking ballet and tap dance classes from Barbi Lee School of Dance when she was practically still in diapers. Her first role was as a mouse in the annual production of The Nutcracker eventually working her way up to Fritz and, finally, the Mouse King. She got into musical theatre as a freshman in high school and that was, as they say, when she was bitten by the acting bug. She quickly got into plays and theatre classes and, although she was terrible at first (truly terrible), there was no stopping her. High school theatre then turned into community theatre which is where she gained a majority of her experience. Some of her favorite roles include: Corie Bratter (Barefoot in the Park), Mollie Ralston (The Mousetrap), Jacqueline de Severac (Murder on the Nile) and Elvira (Blithe Spirit).

Shannon branched into film during her community theatre days, starting with short student films and finally landing her first role in a feature length film: Julie Ann St. Marie-Jackson in Christopher Mihm's It Came From Another World!, reprising the role recently for a cameo in Mihm's latest creation: Terror From Beneath the Earth. It was a perfect fit since melodrama is one of her favorite genres and she loves the style of the '50's, it was an incredibly fun project to be a part of. Look for it on Netflicks. After It Came From Another World! she was booked for Ric McCloud's Unholy Reunion (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYVYrM1v--Y), a horror film which was incredibly bloody and sticky. While working on Unholy, Shannon met Jarrod Crooks, who played her fiance in the film. They decided to team up and create the most kick ass independent action film that would really get people to take notice. And that film would be the currently in production Thieves Like Us, premiering August 22nd in Wausau, WI. The date of the Minneapolis premiere is still TBA. View the trailer at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1546QZhzVs0.

Shannon has done several commercials as well, including Buffalo Wild Wings and the 2006 1st Place Grainbelt Beer commercial (Wingman's MVP). She also currently performs as a back-up singer and dancer for the band Ovation: A Salute to the Music of Prince. (Bio By Shannon McDonough)


Sarah Virginia Brock began acting at the age of 16 when she auditioned for the old school Nickelodeon TV show, ALL THAT. She got a call back and after that, she starting going on more auditions. At the age of 19, she finally got something, a role as an extra in the indie film, LOUNGE ACT. Hey, it's a start!

Later that year, Sarah got the lead female role in the indie film PRETTY VACANTS. During filming, Sarah was involved in a scene where they used real knives and she was stabbed in the leg and had to get three stitches. No worries, they paid for the medical bills and she went back to work on the film the next week!

Sarah has been doing movies ever since then. In fact, just last year, Sarah branched out and started doing modeling. She's now featured on several different websites and a calendar!

On January 31st, Sarah married the love of her life, Sean DeArmond. They hope to have a daughter in a few years.
Sarah is not only acting in films and modeling, but she's also doing horror reviews with Sean on horrornews.net!

Sarah was just featured in the documentary WELCOME TO MY DARKSIDE! WOMEN IN HORROR DOCUMENTARY and in the book QUEENS OF SCREAM: THE NEW BLOOD. She's been gaining status as a scream queen and hopes to keep doing films, modeling, and horror reviews as well as branching out into other areas in the entertainment industry as well as serving her Lord and Savior through her acting!


Emma Watson has starred as Hermione Granger, loyal friend to both Harry Potter and Ron Weasley, in each of the Harry Potter films, most recently including "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix." She will again star as Hermione in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," the two-part film adaptation of the seventh and final Harry Potter book.

Apart from her work in the Harry Potter films, Watson was heard as the voice of Princess Pea in the 2008 animated adventure "The Tale of Despereaux." She also starred opposite Victoria Wood, Richard Griffiths and Emilia Fox in the role of Pauline Fossil in the BBC's television drama "Ballet Shoes".

Watson made her professional acting debut in the first Harry Potter film, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone," winning a Young Artist Award for Best Leading Young Actress for her performance. She subsequently won two consecutive AOL Awards for Best Supporting Actress, the first for "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" and another for "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."

Watson has also garnered two Critics' Choice Award nominations from the Broadcast Film Critics Association for her work in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" and "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire." In addition, the readers of Total Film magazine voted her Best New Performer for her role in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban." In addition, Empire, the U.K.'s leading film magazine, honored Watson and her co-stars, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, with the prestigious Outstanding Contribution Award in recognition of their work in the Harry Potter films. (Bio From Warner Bros)


Shannon Lark is a writer, director, producer, dancer, and actress. She is the director/founder of the Viscera Film Festival, CEO of The ChainSaw Mafia, and held the 2009 Spooksmodel crown for Fangoria Entertainment.

Lark surrounds her entire being to encompass the genre and relentlessly works to bring more women into the bloodbath. She believes in equal opportunity killing, equal opportunity film making, and the idea that creating art is what saves the world from destroying itself. (Bio From The Chainsaw Maffia)

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