UFO Earth Base - Tracking Strange Aerial Phenomenon (2nd Issue)

Articles Collected By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Various

China “3 suns” UFO: UFOs Or Hoax?
Ghost Theory

The news reports this morning were flooded with headlines of a new Chinese UFO photograph that has recently surfaced. Dubbed the “3 suns” UFO photo, this particular photo has been making its way though the web and people are already talking conspiracies involving the Chinese government and possible UFO invasions. Let’s pull in the reins really quick here…

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Family tells of UFOs chase
Filey Today

UFO investigator Russ Kellett has organised a sky-watch event following a number of unusual sightings in the local area.

Last Monday July 19, a bright object – possibly a piece of space debris – was seen crossing Filey Bay.

George Nash, of Flat Cliffs, said he saw a ball of red and orange with a white core and feathery tail travelling from south to north before disappearing over the Brigg.

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Flying object a mystery
Bundaberg NewsMail

IS it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it maybe a UFO?

Ben Buckley and a mate were at the southern end of Mon Repos on Friday morning checking out the surf when he took four photos on his mobile phone.

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Two UFO videos, without shakycam, are weirdly convincing
io9 (blog)

I love how this guy films the UFOs from his bathroom window. Is this the same UFO as we saw in the first video? Also, I feel like I know way too much about these guys' lives now, like how one of them likes to feed his dogs meat from the fridge, and the other hangs out a lot in his bathroom with a camera. Let's call this UFO TMI.

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Multiple witnesses see and film a UFO above Shandong China

Almost a year ago Shandong city in China experienced a possible UFO/extraterrestrial event few of its residents will ever forget. Large disc shaped UFOs or UFO mother-ships were seen ominously cross the skies above their homes.

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UFOs and USOs - Observations by Gerald Hausman
Stay Thirsty Media

George Bernard Shaw once said that "if a man is a deep writer all his works are confessions."

I guess I must be pretty deep because all my writing borders on the confessional. Or at least that's the way it feels to me -- a simple plea to the authorities that an exception will be made in my case: it's not madness, sir, it's just me.

That said, I have a new confession to make . . . I just saw a UFO. It happened, or the sighting did, in Sapello Canyon in Northern New Mexico. We stood on the long porch of Alice and Jim Carney's ranch house at about 11:15 a week and a half ago and a fantastic light appeared in the sky. To me, it looked like a star of Bethlehem on a Christmas card; points of light, top and bottom, long and lancing, diamond-bright. My wife Lorry said, "Oh, look, it's changing color!"

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Airline Passenger takes picture of an UFO

A Ryan Air passenger traveling from Portugal to Great Britain saw something strange outside his window and proceeded to take a picture of the object.

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Chinese astronomer predicts appearance of UFO in 2011
Economic Times

Wang Sichao, an astronomy and minor planet scholar, made the forecast under recently-heated speculations about UFOs, as some unidentified flying objects have been spotted in several Chinese regions of Zhejiang, Hunan, Chongqing and Xinjiang since last month, the China Daily reported.

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STV viewer reports strange sighting in skies over Glasgow

Grace Boardman was driving along Colston Road in the north of the city on Monday night at around 10.15pm when she spotted what she described as "twinkling stars moving in the sky."

She said: "When I stopped at a red light, three twinkling stars suddenly became bright orange orbs hovering low in formation above the cars.

"There was no sound and they were definitely not planes or helicopters. The man in the car next to me spoke to his passenger and pointed to them also. They then became smaller and hovered in a V shape."

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Are they really here?
Brisbane Times

As if having three aliens stand over her wasn't enough, what convinced Sheryl Gottschall something peculiar had happened was when the man beside her didn't wake up.

An insomniac, her then-husband was always woken by her slightest movement in the bed next to him.

So when she screamed at seeing three grey extraterrestrials standing next to the bed, pulled the sheet above her head and started saying the Lord's prayer, she expected a reaction.

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