New Images From PLAN 9

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Darkstone Entertainment

What is today ..... picture day? First I get some new images from "Harry Potter" and "Green Lantern", now I find that there are new images from "Plan 9" in my inbox.

"Plan 9" you may ask? Yes, it is a modern remake of the Ed Wood classic (?) "Plan 9 From Outer Space."

Why would anyone want to do such a thing? Well, there are presently two "Plan 9" remakes out there ..... yes, I'm serious ...... the other being "Grave Robbers From Outer Space." "Plan 9" is a serious attempt to expand on the original concept of the first film to create a serious horror film and the other is a campy remake. Pick your poison.

Anyway "Plan 9" is about to wrap on April 25th so film maker John Johnson of Darkstone Entertainment (the production company behind 'Plan 9') is pulling out all the stops so that the fans out there can learn just about all there is to know about his film.

Example, check out this press release:

We wrap production on Plan 9 in 5 days!!! April 25th!

Update on the film! We have cast three name actors! Brian Krause (Sleepwalkers, and Charmed) and Matthew Ewald (The Fox Series Galidor, and many other sci-fi channel films) As well as another Horror Icon to be shot for the film over the summer in which we are hunting for the perfect one now!

On top of all of this we have the YouTube Celebrities James Rolfe, Caitlin Hill, and Matt Sloan & Aaron Yonda!

We also have started a LIVE FEED from set when we can get a wireless connection from location! You can click on the site and watch us make the movie live! To see that click here…

A tumblr site was our next step. You can see pics daily from set here!

To see some screen shots from the film you can download them here!

To see the original teaser trailer click here!

For questions and interviews please contact us at!

That ought to be enough links for ya! If you are just too damn lazy to go clicking about then I have a big old bunch of "Plan 9" images below:

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