The Loch Ness Monster Has Returned In Scotland .... And Alaska?

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Crytomundo / Sky Valley Chronicle

Aye .... there be sea serpents about.

Over the past couple of years the number of sightings of the "Loch Ness Monster" (Nessie) has steadily decreased causing some experts in the field of cryptozoology to speculate that the famous living dinosaur my have become extinct or was possibly headed for extinction. In fact for 2009 there was only three reported sighting of the creature (1 2 3) and in 2008 long-time monster hunter Robert Rines commented publicly that he believed Nessie had become a victim of global warming. This year however it looks as if the old girl is making a comeback.

So far this summer there have been a handful of reported sightings and now a new photograph of the monster has come to light as well. After searching for the monster for 45 years William Jobes finally hit pay dirt. While walking along the Loch with his wife something surfaced some 300 yards away and thinking quickly Jobes grabbed his camera and took a photo before the object disappeared.

Mr Jobes was walking along the Abbey footpath in Fort Augustus with his wife Joan in May this year when he spotted what appeared to be a head bobbing above the water 200 to 300 yards from the shore.

‘I had a wonderful shock,’ Mr Jobes said.’I have actually been coming up to Inverness for the past 45 years and I have never seen anything like this before.’

Quickly grasping his camera, Mr Jobes from Irvine in Ayrshire, managed to take a single picture before the ‘head’ disappeared under the surface.

However, to his delight a dark, hump-like shape broke the waves and he was able to take more photographs of the apparent sighting on May 24 at just after 11.10am.

Mr Jobes is convinced it was not a seal or piece of wood.

‘To be honest I know the difference between a piece of wood or a particular animal,’ he said.

‘I immediately did think it was a seal but it’s head was like a sheep.’

The photograph seems to show the monster's legendary "hump" plus a possible head or tail coming up out of the water. While monster fans see a monster sceptics see a piece of wood or other debris floating in the water.

To be honest the object is just too far away and blurry to tell for sure.

Yet a more impressive piece of evidence to support the existence of sea monsters (or living dinosaurs if you will) comes from a video shot off the coast of Alaska in 2009:

This clip appeared in a recent Discovery Channel documentary called "Alaskan Monster Hunt". The footage is rather impressive and the object being filmed certainly isn't a piece of wood or debris it is most certainly "alive" though exactly what it is would be open for some debate. A Cadborosaurus, frill shark, a large eel or Nessie's cousin you make the call.

I'm sure that sea monsters from around the globe are getting pretty damn irritated at all the press Bigfoot is getting and are staging more photo ops as we speak. Ogopogo and Champ could not be reached for comment.

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