EMERALD LAGOON - Creature Homage Or Sequel?

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Sources: Robert Hood / Bobby Bragg / Avery Guerra

Indie film maker Bobby Bragg has spent his summer down in the swamps filming "Emerald Lagoon" a movie that is part "Boggy Creek" part "Swamp Thing" and a whole lot "Creature from the Black Lagoon." In fact the film is so heavily inspired by the 1954 Universal classic directed by Jack Arnold that it is really hard to determine if it is just an homage or an indirect sequel? On that point Bragg isn't saying much or for that matter in any hurry to reveal the appearance of the monster who resides in Emerald Lagoon. Though he has alluded to the fact that the monster may indeed look very much like the iconic "Gill-man" from the original Creature trilogy. One dead giveaway is the original title of the film "The Creature in the Black Lagoon" which obviously reveals Bragg's intent.

Of course Universal may have had something to say about that and undoubtedly Bragg would have gotten a few letters from some attorneys.

Though the original Creature films were strictly horror films in Emerald Lagoon Bragg has added bits of comedy and is actually marketing the movie as a "family adventure".

Here is the plot:

When micro scientist, Dr Connors and his assistant Libby Myers are discovered missing from the small everglades community of Emerald Lagoon, Libby's father becomes concerned and tries to find Roland, a local fishing guide to search for her... But the errant guide is currently in the doghouse with his wife, Alyssa, who has discovered that he has been anything but faithful. Local law enforcement, Sheriff Blackburn, is not taking the disappearance of the two seriously, and Roland is more concerned about getting his family back than looking for Libby. When Myers, frustrated on both fronts, decides to undertake a search on his own, he quickly discovers that the swamp is a scary and dangerous place. He retreats to approach Roland with another offer. Luckily Alyssa feels sympathy for Myers and urges Roland to help the desperate father. Roland and Alyssa's young daughter Sophie, upset with her parents over the breakup, wanders into the swamp. A suspicious creature from the muck lurks in the waters of Emerald Lagoon, and patiently waits as Sophie treks deeper into the jungle...

Here is the trailer and some photos from Emerald Lagoon:

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