The Creature Trades The Black Lagoon For LA In LIZARDMAN

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Robert Hood / Avery Guerra

Unless this is your first ever visit to Monster Island News you know that the Creature From The Black lagoon holds a very special place in my heart. Ah yes, I fell in love with Universal's Gill-man back when I was just a sprout and have been a huge fan ever since.

Being such a huge fan of "Blacky Lagoon" I am happy to see a new trend in horror films starting to arise, that is "Creature" homage films.

Hot on the heels of the just announced "Emerald Lagoon" (dir Bobby Bragg) comes "Lizardman" the creation of director Peter Dang. This time around South Carolina's most notable cryptid is dragged kicking and screaming from his swampy home to Los Angeles where he breaks loose and causes the locals to do all the screaming.

From the trailer it is obvious that Dang is trying to recreate the work Jack Arnold and it looks like he has done a decent job on a shoe-string budget.

Here is your plot:

Billionaire Bill Hansen seeks revenge by capturing his nemesis, the scaly crypto-creature known as the Lizard Man. Hansen wants to prove to the world that the Lizard Man really exists. A group of scientists, lead by Professor Reeves examines this creature. Reeves realizes he has a chance for fame and fortune and so convinces Hansen that the Lizard Man needs to be brought to Los Angeles. During a press meeting, the creature breaks out and wreaks havoc on the people of LA.

"Lizardman" is written by Steve Goldenberg and Francis Abbey, produced by Steve Goldenberg and stars Michael Harding, James Lewis, Mike Gaglio, Tammy Klein, Frankie Cullen, Dylan Vox, Peter Stickles, Steve Blasini, Sherrie Box, Anthony Wade Vang, Mike Donahue, Amber McConnell, Amy Jokinen, Diana Terranova, Yelena Savranskaya, and Matt Easton in the monster suit.

Here are your trailers and photos from "Lizardman":

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