Just When You Thought It Was Safe Along Comes A Bigfoot Porno

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Bill Burke

Oh how the Bigfoot movie craze continues unabated! It seems like over the past few years every independent film maker on the planet has taken a shot at producing a Sasquatch themed horror movie. Now film maker Bill Burke has taken the genre in yet another direction with a crypto themed adult film. Yes you heard me right, a Bigfoot porn movie.

Dig this tagline: "You know what they say about guys with big feet!"

I present for your titillation, "Sweet Prudence & The Erotic Adventures Of Bigfoot" a new erotic-comedy-adventure that, according to the films website, started out as a comic book. Now I have never seen this comic wedged on any rack between Batman and the Fantastic Four so I'll just have to take their word on that.

Maybe I should find a more open minded comic shop?

Anyway Burke described his creation in an email to yours truly as "...a new film featuring that audience favorite monster Bigfoot, along with that other audience favorite element - gratuitous nudity."

That pretty much sums it up.

From the trailer, which unfortunately for you I can't post here, I can tell you that "Sweet Prudence" is your typical adult film with plenty of boobs, oral sex ... a lot of oral sex actually, girl on girl action and people getting it on right and left. Of course the million dollar question is "does Bigfoot get any?" I can tell you that indeed Sasquatch scores, a lot, even with Sweet Prudence as if you didn't see that coming. (No pun intended)

You may be surprised to learn that many famous movie monsters have starred in adult films over the decades. Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolf Man and The Mummy have all shared scenes with naked women in various films (not to mention all the lesbian vampire features produced mostly in the 70s and 80s) so it seems that it was about time for Bigfoot to do a Ron Jeremey impression as well.

Here is the plot (yes some porn movies have plots):

When two beautiful girls (Faye and Ginger), working at a remote country resort encounter the mythical giant known as Bigfoot it sets off a chain of comedic events. Prudence a beautiful young woman, her best friend Veruca, and college buddy Mike set out to take the perfect photo of Bigfoot; one which will allow Prudence to finally get her degree in Cryptozoology.

Their quest takes them to the Cottontail resort, a nudist camp run by a beautiful “flower child”, aptly named Flower. Flower’s remaining assistant Ginger, who previously encountered Bigfoot assists our hunters. But Bigfoot is continuously watching them in both their public, and private moments, while occasionally seizing the opportunity to steal electronic equipment.

Their quest is often sidetracked by an array of erotic encounters amidst the beautiful countryside. Despite the erotic entanglements Prudence finds the time to develop affection for the misunderstood hairy giant, and wants to ensure nobody harms it. Her attempts to communicate with Bigfoot lead to amazing, and hilarious revelations about the legendary creature, who’s much more worldly, or rather otherworldly than anyone ever gave him credit for.

SWEET PRUDENCE & THE EROTIC ADVENTURE OF BIGFOOT is like a racy adult comic book come to life ala the cult classic Barbarella.

Look for "Sweet Prudence & The Erotic Adventures Of Bigfoot" to premiere on Cinemax in April of 2012.

Here are some photos from the film, which unfortunately for you I couldn't post most of them:


  1. There was already a Bigfoot sex scene in the porn 'Flesh Circus' with Olivia Del Rio.


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