The Monstrous Movie Photo Of The Day: The Illustrated Marilyn Monroe

Story And Photograph By: Ken Hulsey

Marilyn Monroe is without a doubt the most iconic actress to have ever graced the silver screen. Her images have become synonymous with the golden age of Hollywood and have been plastered on everything from clocks to underwear.

Though literally thousands of photographs of the troubled starlit were taken during her brief but well publicized career not many drawings were made of her likeness.

Today I have one of these rare illustrations for you but the really cool thing about it (well at least I think so) is not the mere fact that it is a drawing of Marilyn but who made it. A close inspection of the drawing reveals the name "Jane Russell" ... yes that Jane Russell.

Actually a fellow Hollywood bombshell herself Russell was quite the artist and often times made drawings of fellow costars on the set.

This particular drawing was made in 1953 during the filming of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes".

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