Bigfoot In So Cal: The Return Of The Speedway Monster!

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Wishes To Remain Anonymous

Back in 2010 I posted a couple of articles about the infamous "Speedway Monster" that at one time used to prowl around the rural communities at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains just a mere 30-minute drive from downtown Los Angeles. The creature in question got it's signature name from a plethora of sightings that occurred between the 1950s and early 1970s at the Mickey Thompson's Fontana International Dragway where literally hundreds of race fans witnessed it roaming nearby fields and rummaging through trash cans. After the raceway closed in 1972 sightings of the "Speedway Monster" continued through the early 1990s when the suburban areas of Fontana and Rialto grew by leaps and bounds into the sprawling residential and shopping mecca it is today. As most cryptid hunters know, Bigfoot doesn't like malls so for good reasons the monster has moved on.

Or so it seemed....

An anonymous eyewitness has contacted this website with news that the "Speedway Monster" may have returned to it's old haunts near the location where the old dragstrip once stood in an area that is now the residential neighborhoods of Las Colinas in Rialto, Ca. According to the source Bigfoot, or something that resembles one, visited the area on several occasions in 2004 and 2005 traveling down a dry river bed across from the community that connects to Lytle Creek an infamous hot spot for sightings.

The eyewitness stated, " I remember hearing this loud howling screams, screeching and growling all at the same time in the night around 2 am about twice a month. My Grandfather who lived with me at the time said he heard them as well. He mentioned that in his home country the creature is known as 'The Screamer' he said it sounded just like that."

"It seemed the calls were coming from across a main road in a dry river bed that lead directly into Lytle Creek. Not until about a two years ago did I ever hear calls of that sort again, on TV during research show of Bigfoot. When I heard them on TV it gave me goosebumps and chills. I now believe that was the noises I was hearing."

For a while the creature seemed content with making a lot of noise and sticking to the dry river bed. Then one night it got up the courage to venture into the neighborhood.

The source continues, "Around the time that I was living in that neighborhood (Las Colinas) one night my older brother called my cell phone asking where my Louisville Slugger was. I asked why and he said because he was in the bathroom on the 2nd floor and looked out the window and saw a tall, hairy creature looking up at him. According to him it was on the side of the house behind the hedges that separated our house from our neighbors. The hedge was approximately 9 ft tall."

"He said the creature was standing and its head was clear over the hedge. When the creature, I think was some sort of BigFoot, noticed my brother George looking back at him it ducked its head. According to George the creature was a grayish tan color, hairy and tall. Covered with hair and a human like face. He was genuinely freaked out . He was never one to be into or believed in Bigfoot type things but when I got home he was sure of what he saw and it scared him very much."

Has the "Speedway Monster" returned to it's old hunting grounds near the spot where the old Mickey Thompson's Fontana International Dragway once stood? According to the eyewitnesses the answer is yes.

It would be hard to believe that a creature like Bigfoot would be brave enough to venture from the safety of the nearby mountains into an area that is now a rather dense suburban area. Granted the area of the sightings, Las Colinas, is somewhat more remote than other housing tracts in the general area with a still large undeveloped area adjacent to it.

There is of course the matter of the dry river bed that connects directly to Lytle Creek further in the San Bernardino Mountain range. This area has been a virtual hot spot for Bigfoot sightings for over a hundred years, so if the creature does indeed live just outside the vast metropolitan area of Los Angeles this would in all likelihood be it's home turf.

For now this is all just conjecture but if these reports are to be taken seriously than one of the world's greatest mysteries may show up on the doorstep of some unsuspecting urbanite.

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  1. Do you have contact information for the artist who drew this bigfoot illustration?

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