The Monstrous Movie Photo Of The Day: A Lesson In Love

Written By: Ken Hulsey

Yes my friends there is love in every corner of the galaxy even in a place as remote as Altair 4.

Hey movie moshers it's time yet once again for yet another movie photo and today I have one from what could be legitimately argued as the best sci fi film of all-time "Forbidden Planet". Now as most of you already know this cinematic treasure features a mature plot, great special effects, one of filmland's most memorable monsters (Monster From The Id) and of course Robby the Robot. Also at the heart of the story of "Forbidden Planet" is a love story ... actually a love triangle to be precise, between the only female resident of planet Altair 4, Altaira who was played by the late Anne Francis and two intergalactic rocket jocks played by Jack Kelly and Leslie Nielson (yes, the funny old guy from the Naked Gun movies).

Here is your photo caption from the back of the image:

A LESSON IN LOVE ... Anne Francis, as the daughter of a scientist on the planet Altair 4, who had never met any man except her father, gets her first kiss when she meets Jack Kelly, as an officer of a space ship from Earth, in M-G-M's first science fiction thriller "Forbidden Planet".

"Forbidden Planet" stars Walter Pidgeon and Anne Francis with Leslie Nielson, Warren Stevens, Richard Andwerson, Earl Holliman, Jack Kelly and introduces Robby, the Robot. Nicholas Nayfack produced with Fred Wilcox directing from screen play by Cyril Hume.

This is an original 8x10 studio image on glossy paper serial numbered S-1671-66,67

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