One Girl And Too Many Monsters!

Written By: Ken Hulsey

On any given day a red-blooded all-American girl would have enough trouble trying to get loose from the clutches of  one monster, what is she expected to do against three?

Over the centuries the Wolfman, Mummy and Creature have run off with their fair share of young ladies from their respective moors, tombs and swamps, so they're kinda old pros at this sort of thing. That being said what is this poor buxom thing to do?

"Hey Igor stop all that gawking and be a hero for once!"

"I know she kinda looks like the gypsy girl from "House of Frankenstein" but snap out of it!"

This little bit of classic horror on the naughty side comes courtesy of the famed comic illustrators Fastner & Larson who have been titillating fans since they were introduced at a Minnesota comic book convention way back in 1976.


  1. she sort of looks like Vampirella and I see she has a Frankenstein Tattoo...but I wonder why she isn't wearing underware? she probably has a yeast infection.

  2. I kinda thought Wicked Wanda, but I can see the Vampi connection. Glad you liked it. Don't know if we needed the amateur gynecology or not? Aw what the heck!