Dell Four Color (1942 Series 2) #162 - Felix The Cat

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The September 1947 (#162) of Dell's Four Color series featured original Felix the Cat stories and art by the character's original creator Otto Messmer. This particular issue also features, what in my opinion is, the best of all the Dell series comic covers showcasing 'Fireman Felix' searching high and low for the source of the smoke that surrounds him. Low and behold the sneaky mouse perched atop his helmet enjoying a cigar is the cause of all Felix's stress.

Included in this issue:

"Weather Profit"

An inventor uses his weather control machine to extort money from businesses. Felix gains control of the weather machine and treats the inventor to a series of unpleasant weather conditions.

"Public Relations"

Felix is having no luck find a place to live when he is caught up in a cyclone. When the cyclone departs it has left him a house and all the furnishings. Felix's relatives flock to the house and fill all the rooms.

"Felix the Cat Shows His Colors"

Felix decides to become an artist to impress a girl. After eating some chameleon berries, he starts turning colors in tune with his emotions (red for embarrassment, green with envy, etc.)

"Stovepipe Cat"

Felix and a dog get caught in opposite ends of a stovepipe.

"A Trophy Cat"

Felix tries to catch a fish to mount on a plaque; but has the tables turned on him.

Price Guide Value: 2.0 = $15 to 9.2 = $350

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