Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot: The Complete Series DVD!!!!

Source: August Ragone

August Ragone has just announced via Facebook that 'Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot' is about to be released on DVD from Shout! Factory.

August stated:

"MEGATON PUNCH! The next release I worked on for Shout! Factory will be "JOHNNY SOKKO AND HIS FLYING ROBOT: The Complete Series"! All 26 episodes will be featured on four discs, dubbed in English, and will include a special booklet chock-full of behind-the-scenes history on the making of the series — written by Yours Truly! This set will street on March 26, 2013 with a suggested retail price is $39.97!"

He also mentioned that the set is already available for pre order on for only $27.98!

Johnny Sokko is a wonderful mix of giant monster fights in the vein of Gamera and Godzilla combined with the outrageous plots and characters that became the standard of Japanese sci fi in the 50s, 60s and 70s. It's Ultraman meets Mazinger, a menagerie of giant robot action and crazy monsters in city smashing episode after city smashing episode. If you love Godzilla you'll love Johnny Sokko!


Giant Robot, (Jaianto Robo), is a manga and tokusatsu series created by Mitsuteru Yokoyama. It is similar to his famous Tetsujin 28-go (Gigantor in the US), though Giant Robo has more fantastic elements.

The original tokusatsu TV series, produced by Toei Company Ltd., aired on NET (later renamed TV Asahi) from October 11, 1967 to April 1, 1968, with a total of 26 episodes. The English-dubbed version of the series was produced by American International Television, with Reuben Guberman, who developed it for American television, as line producer, under the title Johnny Sokko And His Flying Robot.


"Voyage into Space", a "featurization" of the series edited to fit a 2-hour time slot (including commercial breaks) turns up occasionally on TV. - IMDB

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