Marvel Team-Up #4 September 1972 The Mark Of The Mutants

Image & Info Courtesy Of My Comic

In September 1972 Marvel Comics would pit both the X-Men and Spider-Man against Morbius the Living Vampire in a classic cross-over in the vein of Spider-Man #1. This issue features an amazing cover by Gil Kane and Frank Giacoia.

Spider-Man and the X-men versus Morbius ... what else do you really need to know?

Well, okay here is the scoop! When Morbius kidnaps Hans Jorgenson his old colleague Charles Xavier sends the X-Men to the Big Apple to find him. Little do they know that Spidey is already on the case. Of course an all out war ensues and eventually Spider-Man is rendered powerless and taken back to the X-Mansion for questioning. There they learn that Spider-Man will soon die due to a toxin used to cure him of four additional arms that he gained during his last encounter with Morbius. They also learn that Jorgenson was working on a cure which could be utilized by Morbius' blood.

In order to rescue his friend and save Spider-Man, Professor X sends the X-Men out to capture Morbius. After a lengthy battle, the X-Men manage to defeat Morbius and rescue Jorgenson. Afterwards, Jorgenson is able to cure Spider-Man, who thanks the X-Men before leaving them to deal with Morbius.

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