Marie Devereux

Written By: Ken Hulsey

Marie Devereux is best known as the silent but sexy star of several Hammer horror classics, numerous UK television shows and screwball comedies. At the impressionable age of sixteen she began posing for topless photos which in turn led to a career as a nude model for men's  magazines in her twenties.

Always aspiring to be an actress Devereux took bit parts as hookers and harem girls until she was cast in Terence Young's "Serious Charge" which provided the exposure she had longed for. The small roles continued in the short term until Hammer Films came calling.

In 1960 she would star alongside Peter Cushing in "Brides of Dracula" as one of the vampire 'brides'. That role is what the buxom actress is best remembered for yet she also had a memorable guest role on "The Avengers" television series and a part in "Cleopatra" alongside Elizabeth Taylor. Though it has never been confirmed it has been noted that she actually was used as a double for Taylor on the film, though it is not known actually which scenes she stood in for the actress in.

Devereux then went to Hollywood, and appeared in numerous television shows, of which she was seldom credited, and two motion pictures directed by Samuel Fuller, "Shock Corridor" (1963) and "The Naked Kiss" (1964). Soon after she reportedly grew tired of acting and retired.

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