It's A Return To Grindhouse With TFO's 'Badass Monster Killer'

Written By: Ken Hulsey
Source: Trash Film Orgy

Sacramento's Trash Film Orgy are back at it again with yet another fray into the world of low-budget independent movie making. This time its girls, guns, monsters and one bad ass mother f@#$ing monster slayer ... wait ... this sounds a lot like their last film (Planet of Vampire Women) .. oh well, anyway it's an homage to black exploitation cinema in it's purest form called "Badass Monster Killer."

Here's your plot:

On the trashy side of Camaroville, there's a mob turf war going down, but the new gang in town ain't content with merely controlling the local dope and sex trade. They are also mixed up with dangerous black magic, intent on resurrecting hideous demon-gods who have waited centuries for the chance to eat all our souls and enslave mankind!

These blasphemous bad guys need stopping, and Jimmy Chevelle, agent of The Department of Supernatural Security, is just the cat to do the stopping. He hasn't let the man keep him down, and he's certainly not going to let some sinister shape-shifting suckas destroy the earth, and all of its foxy, foxy chicks, if HE can help it.

But can he stop the gangster cult's evil plans in time? Get ready for a freaky, funky thrill ride with demonic pimps, kung fu super foxes and terrible sanity-shattering extraterrestrial horrors from beyond space and time!


You'll really dig this righteous trailer:

Right On!

Now a few snaps of a sweet set of wheels and some foxy moma's to keep all you jive turkeys wantin' more:

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