Kitty In A Casket Cross The Atlantic For First US Tour

Source: Kitty In A Casket

KITTY IN A CASKET, a prominent mainstay of the European Punk / Psychobilly movement since 2008, will assail unmarred territory in their first North American tour supporting their 3rd studio album scheduled for release in May 2013. With two previous full length albums ("Horror Express" in 2009 and "Back to Thrill" in 2011) and the sold-out four track EP "HalloWien" under their belts, KITTY IN A CASKET have played club and festival shows all across Europe including the PSYCHOBILLY MEETING in Spain, the WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN in Germany, the POD PAROU FESTIVAL in the Czech Republic and have shared the stage with bands such as THE EXPLOITED, THE OTHER, DEAD KENNEDYS, GUANA BATZ and many more.

THE RETURNERS, a high energy fix of dark melodic punk from Southern California, join their Austrian brethren on their 7th US tour and are the most recent signing of Naked Betty Booking. Previously touring extensively with the KOFFIN KATS and CREEPSHOW (Hellcat), supporting dates with MAD SIN, MISFITS, and THE 69 EYES, as well as headlining their own tours, THE RETURNERS are no strangers to the road and with their Greg Hetson (Bad Religion) produced EP in hand are ravenous for the taste of asphalt once again.

THE RETURNERS / KITTY IN A CASKET tour will stretch from coast to coast starting early July until August 17th and will include the GHOULS NIGHT OUT festival in New Jersey (showcasing the premier artists of the horror genre including NIM VIND and label mates BLACK CAT ATTACK) and the SUN CITY ROUND UP in El Paso, TX alongside THE QUAKES, STELLAR CORPSES and THE ROCKETZ.

KITTY IN A CASKET came into being in autumn 2008, when Kitty and Billy decided to start a band together. That's when Bloody Lovesong and Canibal Paradise was written. Later that year they found an outstanding double bass player (Marc), as well as a drummer from hell (Mike) and immediately recorded their smashing debut album „Horror Express“, which came out in spring 2009 on the famous „billy“- lable CRAZY LOVE RECORDS. By that time lots of live shows and festivals have been played in all over Europe. In the same year, merely five months after „Horror Express“ was in stores, they released another fancy record „HalloWien“ on the most crucial of all fests: Halloween. Since then the sound of KITTY IN A CASKET got a bit harder, punkier and faster than on the debut- but not only that, also the vocals and the backing vocals are more unique and more sophisticated. After the release and a triumphant Halloween-show, KIAC found themselves a well- known double bass player, as Marc all of a sudden decided to quit the band. Slappin Suspender (Heiko), who plays also with P.O.X. and Mason Dixon Hobos now rocks the stage with Kitty. It won't take too long until new tunes will be produced by this talented and crative band. Until then be sure to attend one of their remarkable shows this year.

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